The Best … Potato Salad

/ February 22, 2020

This one's going to surprise you. Chaps Pit Beef, behind Iron Hill Brewery on Coastal highway. Not too mayonnaisey, not too chunky, not too mustardy or vinegary. It's just right.

But, like all regional sides, there are about 3 million different versions. Which one do YOU like around here? Post a comment.

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  1. Avatar Susan Drake says:

    Rehoboth Diner

  2. Avatar Lisa Dillon says:

    ADA’S PICNIC Potato Salad-they are at the local farmers markets….

  3. Avatar Barbara Forjan says:

    I like Irish Eyes potato salad.

  4. Avatar Jack Bostic says:

    I make a very similar version with a family recipe from over 100 years ago. I add sour cream and some yellow mustard for taste and color

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