The Best … Club Sandwich

/ Updated on March 19, 2021

Gourmand, critic and educator James Beard said it best: “Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” So true.

And one of the most important sandwiches is the club sandwich, where the construction (nothing should stick out from the sides of the bread) and the cutting thereof (cut into quarters and served cut/pointy side up surrounding a pile of chips or fries) are all strictly dictated by tradition and practicality. And any variation from those dictates can only end in disaster (or turkey and bacon all over your lap).

It's a toss-up among four long-standing beach eateries.

But I have to award the #1 best club sandwich to the Sunrise Restaurant in Dewey Beach.

A very (very) close second is the chicken salad and bacon club at Jimmy's Kitchen in Fenwick.

A recent contender and winner for sure is the club sandwich at Pat's Family Pizzeria in Mariner Plaza in Lewes. They offer several versions, including a BLT!

And right up there with them all is the turkey and bacon club at Big Fish Grill (available only at lunch). Though BFG's offering is perfectly stacked and constructed, they were relegated to fourth place because the quarters were served in the oft-feared bread-on-top-&-bottom orientation rather than cut/pointy side up.

A new kid on the block is Elina Kamalova's Eggcellent Restaurant in Lewes. Her club checks all the boxes for shape, construction and taste.

A very close runner-up that I have to mention is the club sandwich from Robin Hood on Rehoboth Avenue. It (the sandwich, not the restaurant) is somewhat sparsely populated with turkey/bacon, but it is built and presented regulation style. So I had to mention it.

Aren't you happy I have somehow found the time to think about all this stuff!?!

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