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Grandpa(MAC) Coastal Highway

/ Updated on November 28, 2016

It's been a long time coming, and goodness knows that building fought back, but Hari & Orion Cameron's Grandpa(MAC) #2 on Coastal Highway is open!

Their emporium of mac ‘n' cheese is located next door to Pickled Pig Pub on Coastal Highway in Harbor Square Center by Pier 1 Imports. Hari is the chef/owner of a(MUSE.), the celebrated modernist eatery on Baltimore Avenue in downtown Rehoboth Beach and co-owner (with his brother Orion) of Grandpa(MAC) #1 just across the street from a(MUSE.) on Baltimore Avenue.

Right out of the gate: Don't miss the Delmarva Dog: A deconstructed hot dog dish consisting of large elbow pasta bathed in creamy cheddar with little hot dog bites, pickled jalapenos, onions and a crunchy Doritos sprinkle. Hari, Orion or one of their loyal minions start by selecting the proper pasta from a cluster of sterile containers. A few handsful are plopped into the serving bowl and then placed in a small basket (like a fryer basket, but much smaller). The basket is submerged in boiling water and the fresh pasta cooks very quickly. The fresh pasta seems to soak up a lot of the cheese/liquid when it is combined for serving, and I have to admit that I would like a bit more liquid/creamy texture in the dishes.

The Delmarva Dog then goes into construction phase. A tall drizzle of creamy cheddar is ladled onto the hot pasta; cascading over the big al dente elbows like a National Geographic waterfall in slow motion. The dogs are applied along with the onions and big pickled jalapenos (optional, of course. Are you a wimp? I'll take yours, thank you). A bit more cheese is added (this is not a bad thing) and the bowl is topped with a dusting of crushed Doritos. The entire dish is put under a traveling broiler just long enough to crisp the outer edges of the cheese and to color the Doritos, and it's served with a couple of napkins and a plastic fork. Want a snack? Get a small one. Moderately hungry? Get a bit more in the medium. You're a fresser? Go for the large. It will feed you for at least 2 meals.

There are always a couple of soups on the menu, and the salad experience is delightfully DIY: (1) Choose bibb or arugula. (2) Dress it accordingly (there are 7 choices, including sweet onion poppy and tofu cashew caesar (!). (3) Add what Hari and Orion call “the good stuff” – 16 choices, including delights such as pine nuts, tarragon and peas. Feeling carnivorous? Then step (4) is in order: Choose from bacon, buffalo chicken, Italian sausage, chicken, crab (or tofu for the less meaty eater). And though this is not ordinarily a concern for me, Grandpa(MAC) is surprisingly easy on your bank account.

Panini are the new item at the Coastal Highway Grandpa(MAC). “Grilled Cheese Your Way” is pretty much anything you would choose in a mac ‘n' cheese, but enveloped in crunchy grilled ciabatta. Scroll through the gallery to take a look at the panini menu (and actually all the menus). There are 6 stock versions of the sandwiches, and I'll bet they let you DIY if you are nice.

Take a look in the gallery at the wall describing the Grandpa(MAC) story. Look closely. Then take a look at the closeup photo. Grammar freaks protested, and the powers that be (well, Orion and his paintbrushes) complied!

Scroll through the gallery for some great pics of the new place and some of the dishes.

Listen to Hari and Orion talk about their mac ‘n' cheese concept on the radio with the Rehoboth Foodie!

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4561 Coastal Highway

Harbor Square Shopping Center

Open 11-8
Open 11-8
Open 11-8
Open 11-8
Open 11-9
Open 11-9
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  1. Avatar Nancy J Crouch says:

    Very happy with my meal it was the pork Ragu and it was outstanding! There were six of us that went down and we were all happy with their Meals one had the Delmarva dog one The Panini combo and the rest of us had the pork Ragu over rigatoni. Will go back again. You need to try this place

  2. Avatar Terra says:

    Decided to try Grandpa Mac & I was so disappointed. The Pasta was tough & the cheese sauce wasn’t anything special, the mac & cheese at Crooked Hammock is way better.

  3. Avatar Al says:

    This was our second visit. The first time the service was excellent! We ordered the child’s pasta with 2 extras for our grandson. He picked the red sauce for the first side. We asked the counter person for a suggestion on the second side. In a “snarky” tone he said “how can I pick something for you”. Then said it was against the rules to make recommendations. I’ve never had a server be so rude and I’ve never had a server refuse to make a recommendation when asked. Your public face to a customer should not be a “smart ass”

  4. Avatar Boomer's Mom says:

    Today was my second visit and sadly, I am disappointed. Both dishes did not have enough sauce and the pasta was chewy and gummy. I threw out a portion of each and they were the small servings. Also they were both too salty. I had the Delmarva Dog and the Fun Guy. I’ll try it again if I hear the product has been improved.

  5. Avatar Mark & barb v. says:

    Worst place we have been to! Ordered 2 different things for carry out so we could try it. Both were like a block of paste and noodles. Tasted awful, looked awful! Shame on you hari

  6. J&J Reho J&J Reho says:

    We SOOO wanted to like this place, and we’ve been twice. But we would love it if the mac and cheese was creamier and not so dry. Maybe the fresh pasta is soaking up the liquid? Either way, the taste is great, but the texture is sort of rubbery and chewy. Hopefully they will resolve this. We LOVE the mac and cheese at Bethany Blues and we wish Grandpa’s had a similar consistency.

  7. Avatar Cornelia says:

    Couldn’t wait til they opened ……. had lunch there today! UGH , not good, I know what al-dente` is…… chewy but not gummy and the meatballs tasted like breading with seasoning …….. not good at all.
    When we told them they just gave us coupons for free mac & cheese, sorry wont be back even if it is free !

  8. Avatar Susan crichley says:

    Can’t wait but will there be a bigger parking lot??

  9. Avatar Allen says:

    This is great news now that “leap day” has passed behind us, something else to look forward too. I love the current store but come summer, I’ll love this one more as I glide into a parking space.

  10. Avatar Erin says:

    I am looking forward to this, I have heard such good things about Grandpa Mac and have one to try it. This one will be a lot closer to me 🙂

  11. Avatar Lori says:

    My mouth started to water just reading this!

  12. Avatar Brud Lee says:

    Hari & Orion deserve all the success in the world. Not only talented and extremely hard working, but generous to a fault.

  13. Avatar Tom says:

    Can’t wait.

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