Jerusalem International Grocery

/ Updated on May 15, 2014

Jamil Ahmad and his partner, Jerusalem native Rafat Mardawi are pleased to announce the opening of their new Jerusalem International Grocery at 34396 Tenley Ct. on Coastal Highway (near the old Tijuana Taxi — soon to be a Donut Connection sometime this century). The guys are involved in several local businesses and hail from Bethany Beach.

The store carries a full line of goodies, fromimported olive oils to tahini (including my favorite brand “Beirut”), and many Goya products including beans, spices and olives. Things not to be missed are the Turkish Delight candies, U-Bet chocolate syrup (the secret ingredient in the authentic egg cream!), vanilla halvah, Turkish Delight jelly candies, all sorts of tasty nuts and seeds, along with Mediterranean, Russian, Kosher, Latino and Turkish ingredients and spices. They also carry a full line of beautiful glass hookahs for evenings of communal fun.

Give them a call at 302-644-1700 to verify hours or if you’re looking for something special.

Stop in and tell Jamil that The Foodie sentcha!

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  1. Leslie Byrne says:

    And their Zataar is a must use in your pizza, lamb or just about anything dishes – thyme, sesame and a bit of sumac – delicious. Please try! This is great little grocer for hard to find lovelies for your pantry.

  2. Arnold Berke says:

    We’ve found Jerusalem a delightful grocery, with a broad selection and quite favorable prices. Hard-to-find items like labne (which seems like the original Greek yogurt but much better than the corporate brands) and tons of Ziyad products (beans, rice, pasta, spices, etc.). Seems like a combo of Near East and Russian, which makes it even more delightful — we can buy zatar and kasha in one place now!

  3. anonymous says:

    Awesome place. lots of international food.

  4. Jill says:

    Try his chopped chicken liver in the refrigerator – not sure where it is coming from but it absolutely gets the job done- picked up a container with some Matzah tams. A little snack my Jewish Bubbe would have been proud of.

  5. Nancy Sakaduski says:

    Great new resource. Found some very interesting new things to try as well as familiar but hard-to-find specialty foods. I thought the prices were quite good. Hope they start offering some homemade items.

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