The Best … Iced Tea

/ Updated on March 19, 2021

Well that's a toss-up, and both of the winners are from two of our chain operations here in Rehoboth Beach.

The very best iced tea is the Black Iced Tea, unsweetened, from Starbucks. And beware! It packs a punch. Gentle overtones of jasmine and orange become apparent if you don't sweeten it. Just sayin'….

A very, very close second is a mix (it's a DIY thing) of the unsweetened Acai Tea and the regular unsweetened Iced Tea at Panera Bread. Mix them about evenly over ice and do not add sugar (the Acai adds a bit of sweetness). So there. I said it. Agree? Disagree? Add your comment below.

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  1. Avatar Lisa Meade says:

    McDonald’s has delicious unsweetened brewed ice tea and you can’t beat the price. $1.30 for large with or without lemon.

  2. Avatar Joanne Edwards says:

    The freshly brewed Iced Tea at Taste of the South Bistro is THE BEST! And they will give you one to go!

  3. Avatar 302meowlife says:

    Omg that iced tea from Lori’s is the best I e ever had!!!! There is a hint of raspberry in it or something…

  4. Avatar Sue Crichley says:

    I am truly addicted to Starbuck’s Black Iced Tea! We are hoping to get a very needed Starbuck’s in Millsboro, Delaware. We don’t even have a kiosk place in either are Giant or Harry Teeters! Please help get one in this area?!!

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