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Agave Rehoboth

/ Updated on June 10, 2022

The new (as of late 2021) Agave Rehoboth offers the same menu as the popular Agave Lewes, however the physical plant is roomy, welcoming and beautifully designed. There are two bars, with the main one in the larger dining room. It's inviting with lots of seats. The smaller bar is in an open/adjacent room that can be closed in for private parties, etc.

There is a selection of six soups, and our favorite (as of now) is the Chicken Tortilla. There are two stars of the show at both Agave restaurants. The first is the margaritas. They are presented in a beautiful glass and are made with all fresh ingredients. One of the more popular versions is the pomegranate margarita. There are a number of flavors from which to choose. The other star of the show is the selection of guacamole. The 6 selections include the regulation Tomato & Onion all the way to the Gala Apple & Midnight Moon Cheese version. Wanna try a few? They have a sampler of 3 for $21.

The apps also stand out. Our favorites are the Hot Mexican Rockets (peppers stuffed with chicken and wrapped in crispy bacon) and the Super Nachos to which you may add a selection of proteins. Do note that though many of the local Mexican joints bring chips & salsa to the table, Agave charges for theirs. Three sizes range from $6 to $9 to $12. It's a huge portion and quite good.

The entrees live up to the reputation set by the original Agave in Lewes, and at the moment, our favorites are the Steak & Blue Cheese Quesadilla and the Stacked Tomatillo Enchilada. It's hard to go wrong: There are a total of 20 from which to choose, including an order of Sweet Ancho Ribs dished up with a twice-baked sweet potato. This one is a must-get.

The service at all of our visits was efficient, businesslike, and as friendly as it needed to be. I like that they use runners to get the food out of the kitchen and out to the guest quickly. The hot sauce I asked for was delivered in a small ramekin (about 2-3 tablespoons, give or take), but the surprise came when they charged $2.50 for it. In my opinion, this seems to cross the line. If the sauce is that expensive to make )it was delicious, by the way), perhaps they should increase the menu prices by a nickel or so to cover that expense. Those of you who frequent RehobothFoodie.com know that I defend the pricing at our better restaurants … food and labor are expensive nowadays. But an upcharge for a bit of sauce smacks of nickel & diming for such a classy looking and relatively high-priced establishment like Agave. It has nothing to do with the $2.50. But it does have a lot to do with good optics.

The new Agave Rehoboth is at 19178 Coastal Highway where the old Jakes Seafood used to be. Prime times can mean a wait, but visiting before dinner time and afterwards seems to be a good time if you want to be seated quickly.

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  1. Avatar Mike says:

    Overpriced, Caesar salad 18.00
    Fajitas 79.00 fo two and there’s not even shrimp in it
    Soups 15-20$ really
    Bottom line Mexican food is actually one of the cheapest foods to make

  2. Avatar Andrew says:

    Ignore the old and boring reviews. Yep… not a place to go if your hearing aid can’t block out ambient sound. But if you want quality food, great cocktails, and a good atmosphere (oh! and parking), this is a great place to eat. We’ve been several times and will continue to go back (and be loud!)

  3. Avatar Danny says:

    My wife and I have enjoyed the Agave in Lewes for years, but the the Rehoboth Agave is not quite up to par. It’s more of a BAR atmosphere than a notable neighborhood restaurant. The food is just okay, but it’s rather pricey for the quality and quality of Mexican food served. The acoustics are so poor that our waiter apologized for mixing up our order twice because he could not hear us due to the noise at the bar. We’re not likely to return anytime soon….

  4. Avatar Theresa from Long Neck says:

    I agree, too noisy, and impresonal. I felt like I was at Disney World… the experience was canned and cold and I felt pressure to like it. I will only go back to Lewes location where I get the Blue Cheese Filet Mignon quesadilla…to die for!

  5. Avatar Shirley J McNett says:

    Went to Agave in Lewes many, many times. Never disappointed. Went to Agave in Rehoboth last week. Very disappointed will not go back. Everything from the Margarita to the main course left a lot to be desired.

  6. Avatar Mary Luzgadio says:

    Have been to Lewes location many times over the years, and have always been delighted with food and service, despite the long waits. We got take out from Rehoboth Agave, and it was such a disappointment. Tortillas on tacos so soggy you couldn’t hold them, beans with no favor no salt. Every single meal in our huge order was underwhelming. Even a kid commented that their chicken quesadilla was “kind of ok”. Overall, spending that much for lackluster food left a bad taste in our mouth, or rather, no taste in our mouth. I can’t imagine going back.

  7. Avatar Marcia Williams says:

    We were stopped going in to the bar area and told we had to put our names in with the host to be SEATED there! Really? So no sitting at the bar and having a drink until your table is ready as you can’t put your name in for both. No thanks.

  8. Avatar robert neely says:


    Upcharge for additional sauce and salad dressing for food was a surprise when the bill came. Should Rethink

  9. Avatar cpatalive says:

    Waaay too noisy! I could not even carry on a conversation with a person sitting across from me. Tables are too jammed together. Going out to dinner is for eating good food AND conversating. I will not be going back!

  10. Avatar Joseph Gottschall says:

    Bleu Cheese and Steak Quesadilla is not an enchilada.

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