/ Updated on August 13, 2020

The Rehoboth Foodie is pleased to announce that Samovar Restaurant Group's new concept, SEED, is up and running! Scroll through the gallery and check out some of the food pics (some courtesy of Teresa Rodriguez, some courtesy of Dmitry).

Meet co-owner Dmitry Gorin on the 3/14/20 broadcast of the Sip & Bite Show. He brought lots of things to taste! CLICK HERE to hear the podcast.

Located in the brand new Schell Building at Rt. 24 & The Highway across from the Royal Farms and just south of Rosenfeld's, Minh's Bistro and Beef Jerky Outlet, the new concept centers around a “build your own meal” paradigm where guests can select their preferred ingredients for their bowls, salads and soups. Though steak, chicken and shrimp will be available as ingredients, co-owners Dmitry Gorin and Yauhen Yurhelevich say that the restaurant is ultra-vegan and vegetarian friendly, with a choice of sweet potato noodles, baby kale, veggie broths and homemade snacks to round out the menu.

Cold-pressed juices are also be available, along with healthy smoothies containing selected veggies and fruits. A special protein will be featured every week to change things up for the regulars.

The current hours are 11 – 8 every day except 11 – 9 on Saturdays.

Dmitry is a longtime Cape Region bartender and restaurant worker. This is not his first rodeo!

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  1. Avatar Susan says:

    A multitude of Freshness with convenience. A bistro style / California inspired décor / concept, with local, friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  2. Avatar Evelyn says:

    We went to Seed this past weekend. I can not say enough about the wonderful options vegan/vegetarian/ juices etc. So happy to be able to not have to go off the beaten path for a good healthy meal. Place is awesome. We will be back for sure.

  3. Avatar Wendy Tilles says:

    What are their hours

  4. Avatar Linda says:

    What are the hours?

  5. Avatar ERIN GLASS says:

    No website? Or Fb page?

  6. Avatar Glenn Parker says:

    Yes! …. “SEED” is really Coming! This is a Dining option LOoooong Overdue. As a Patron I’ve been witness to the Wit, Class, Professionalism and Charm of Mr. Gorin. Quite Simply Dmitry is a Incredibly Hard Worker, which we all know is a Key part of a Restaurants success. I’m certain this venture will be a Huge Plus for The Rehoboth Beach Areas Dining Scene. And as a HEALTHY Option adding Balance to our World Brimming with Fried Wings, Battered Cheese Curds and Funnel Cakes! Hooooorey for SEED!

  7. Avatar Dave says:

    Any update on when they expect to open?

  8. Avatar Keri Anthony says:

    So psyched for vegan, and my daughter and fiancé are staying with me for a few months , and they are both vegan

  9. Avatar Christine says:

    VEGAN YESSSS!!! Thank you

  10. Avatar Sandra Curson says:

    I am looking forward to Rehoboth finally getting a real vegan restaurant. When family visits we are always at a loss to go where our vegan family members can get a decent meal.

    • Avatar Nate Irvin says:


      It’s been open about 4 days now, and I just went there today – it was great! Had a bowl with quinoa, kale, tofu, sweet potatoes, etc. As far as other options, being here for so many years and eating plant based I’ve figured out a few. Chipotle is always good for fast meals, but Saketumi, Dos Locos, Dogfish, Dewey Beer Co, and a few others have vegan options. Saketumi I actually asked them to make a dish with tofu instead of meat, wasn’t on the menu but they did it. Most Asian and Mexican places around here are vegan/vegetarian friendly. Bangkok Thai in Lewes is good as well. Then of course there’s Green Man in Rehoboth, Playa Bowls is new on the Avenue now if you want a cold meal in the summer, and others tucked in here and there that you can usually find with a search or asking around!

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