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/ Updated on June 15, 2017

I get suspicious of places that offer “combinations” of ethnic cuisines, like “Mel's Pretty Good Czech/Mexican Carry Out,” or “Murlene's Down-Home Inuit/Aussie Cucina.” Saketumi touts itself as Japanese/Thai/Chinese, and despite the obvious similarities, each has its own distinct style and subtlety. Multiple visits to this self-proclaimed emporium of “modern Asian cuisine” have demonstrated that Saketumi is indeed able to pull it off — consistently and even with a bit of flair.

Saketumi is spacious and austere, dominated by the colorful and well-stocked sushi bar. Textures, recessed lighting and shadows take the place of framed artwork on the walls  Guests are comfortably spaced among bar-height, dining height and banquette tables. This attention to detail carries over to the menu.

On one of our visits, the indisputable star of the appetizer show was the Lettuce Wrap and Roll. Fresh, cold lettuce leaves (already cut to the right size) are served alongside a savory mix of ground chicken and pine nuts. Wrap the nutty mix in the cold leaves, and the texture/temperature mouth-moment will not soon be forgotten. Do not mistake this description for one of those “fluff” reviews in the shiny magazines: I calls 'em as I sees 'em, and this is delicious.

The other appetizers included the Cold Soba Noodle Salad (cukes, carrots, sprouts and peanuts in a coconut dressing), salty Edamame (soy pod beans–don't try to eat the pod), Pan Fried dumplings, Steamed Shrimp dumplings and a Firecracker Roll. All were firm with lots of filling, especially the roll; a brightly spiced combination of (cooked) crawfish and crispy potatoes topped with a jalapeno pepper slice. Others at the table got Masago Cracker Rolls (featuring shrimp tempura and salmon), the Futo Maki Roll (crab. cucumber, carrot and squash) and, of course, the obligatory California Roll. An exit poll conducted by your Foodie revealed a 100% approval rating.

I ordered the Red Curry Chicken as my entree. Presented like a stew, it was deeply spiced and loaded with sliced chicken, bell peppers, onions and bamboo shoots. #1 dining companion loved the Grilled Lemongrass Pork Chop (atop a bed of jasmine rice). Other entrees included the hot and nutty Kung Pao with both chicken and shrimp, General Tso's Chicken (the orange sauce was pronounced “not too sweet and just right”) and Mango Chicken (with crispy asparagus and a sweet mango counterpoint).

UPDATE: Yes, I do return to places I've reviewed in the past (actually I eat at Saketumi quite a bit). After all, who knows what might have changed? After several recent visits to Saketumi, I can tell you that they are doing a good job of keeping up the quality. One of my new favorites is the meaty Tea Smoked Ribs appetizer served with a cold & crunchy papaya salad. Order 2 of these and you have yourself a meal. We have also fallen in love with the Steamed Shrimp dumplings. I usually like my dumplings with a little fried crust, but these are quite good and served in a bamboo steamer. On our most recent visit (last night, in fact) we had the similarly prepared but appetizingly green veggie dumplings and Shrimp and Crab Fried Rice. The mild rice mixture was packed with seafood. Of course, I got the Lettuce Wrap & Roll as an entree, but I already waxed rhapsodic about that in the previous paragraphs.

Front-of-House manager Jeong Kim (sporting a brand new haircut as of winter 2013!) was his hilarious yet inscrutable self, though as of early 2014 he has moved on to open his very own business in Rehoboth. Do you miss the tall, lanky and wickedly snide Kim? Take your dry cleaning to Park Avenue Cleaners in the Camelot Shopping Center and there he be. Get to know him. It's worth it. He is delightful. And your clothes will be perfect.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Everything above and below this paragraph still applies, but do try the teriyaki salmon! It's as tasty as it looks in the photo. Another surprise was the Duck Noodle Soup. A savory broth includes a nicely spiced duck part and tiny tasty noodles.

One thing I have to tell you that impressed me was our efficient server making a point to remind me that the gratuity was included in the check when we arrived on one visit with a party of 12. Given the abundance of alcohol and noisy, big-table distractions, how many times has this been overlooked, with the server walking away with 40 or so percent? Kudos, Donny, and thanks. Not sure if Donny still works there, but hopefully this is SOP with the Saketumi staff. Owner Tammy is (or, was) lucky to have a server of this caliber on the floor.

Driving north from Rehoboth Beach, Saketumi is located on the west side of Beach Highway, just past the Rt. 24 intersection. They do a busy take-out business and they take reservations: (302) 645-2818. They also have a delightful upstairs venue for private parties. Click here for Saketumi's entree menu. Now click here for the sushi menu. (L., D., Bar). Price range: Moderate +.

(Click here to make reservations through OpenTable.com.)

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18814 Coastal Hwy.
(302) 645-2818

Open 12 - 9
Happy Hour 4-6
Open 12 - 9:30
Happy Hour 4-6
Open 12 - 9:30
Happy Hour 4-6
Open 12 - 9:30
Happy Hour 4-6
Open 12 - 9:30
Happy Hour 4-6
Open 12 - 10
Open 12 - 10
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  1. Avatar Leslie Beall says:

    I had the Japanese Bento box today. There was something hard (bone) in the shumai and I nearly broke a tooth. The manager asked if I wanted more shumai and I said no. He said how about spring rolls and I agreed. Before he returned with the spring rolls I found a seed in my pomegranate spritzer – then when eating the steak that came with the box 2 pieces had so much gristle that it was inedible. When he came out with the spring rolls I told him forget about it and just give me the bill. He complained that he would have to throw them out. The shumai that my husband ordered never came out – but we were charged for it anyway. I just wanted to pay the bill get out of there. Under name the manager wrote “stupid customer”. That was the tipping point. We walked out and will never return.

  2. Avatar Cindy LaBlanc says:

    The Chunky Monkey roll is AMAZING!

  3. Avatar Jennifer Rubenstein says:

    Hey Foodie: if you haven’t tried the Korean BBQ entree, you should. The sauce is super sweet and the kim chi is divine. I’m curious what you think of it.

  4. Avatar AnnieB says:

    We like Saketumi, not least because parking is not the huge hassle it can be in downtown Rehoboth. DH always orders sashimi; I always get a couple sushi rolls. And we *always* have the house sake, a generous serving in a white wine glass, well-chilled and moderately priced.

    Except last time I was there, in October, that was no longer a menu item. In too many Japanese restaurants, the sake is over the top expensive for the serving size. We were very disappointed that Saketumi has apparently decided to eliminate the one reasonably priced sake choice. We’ll definitely take that into consideration when we think about where to go for sushi in the future.

  5. Avatar yummybear says:

    A night out with friends for a b day dinner and couldn’t have been happier. Always pleased with the warm,friendly staff and Kim on this night was beyond fantastic. The two rolls we ordered as appy’s were wonderful, especially the dragon roll. Kim the manager arrived with a fav of mine, the appy sampler a few moments later, yum. My Chilean Sea Bass with orange miso sauce couldn’t have been better, perfectly cooked with a nicely turned out sauce. The other hit at the table was the Salt& Pepper shrimp of a friend who enjoyed but warned all us tasters, it was seasoned hot. Turns out it was the chiles in the vegatable mix below the shrimps, have water or fav drinks on hand. I will next time give it a try as an excuse for lining up tall martinis.

    Always my go to for great sushi and happy hour, now a place to be pleased and impress friends for dinner as well.

  6. Avatar Linda Lorber says:

    Went to their Sunday Brunch – again – and it is fabulous. A combination of Japanese/Thai and Chinese dishes ensures that there is something for everyone. They have fresh fresh fresh sushi available too. Raw oysters and clams, dumplings, salads, etc. Tempura too. This is my go to place for my asian fix. Best value at the beach.

  7. Avatar fightingbluehen says:

    The bento box special on Wednesday nights is a good deal at fifteen bucks. I usually get two, but one is fine for a normal eater. The sushi and sashimi are good and I like the way they put little bits of things like chopped jalepeno or crispy garlic on the fish. It’s a nice change from the wasabi and soy sauce norm. The torch seared squid sashimi is my favorite.

    The one thing that kind of bothers me is that instead of serving nigiri sushi in pairs, they charge by the piece. They also do this with the sashimi. Premium bottled sake will set you back a pretty penny as well.

  8. Avatar Mark Robinson says:

    [quote name=”Deb Griffin”]My name should be on a chair at the bar – I’ve been here at least 40 times! The happy hour deals are amazing – the sushi is consistently good – of all the sushi restaurants in Rehoboth – this is the one I can count on! Every one I bring here always finds their way back – I am apparently a Saketumi-vangelist! Can’t say enough good things about it – we love this place![/quote]

    I am one of Deb’s Saketumi converts. Before eating there with Deb I didn’t even know I liked sushi. Subsequent meals there have been consistently delicious thanks to their use of fresh, high quality ingredients. Saketumi even manages to impress my fussy DC friends.

  9. Avatar Karl says:

    I went to Saketumi for the first time last week for happy hour, I find that a great way to check out a restaurant before laying out large cash on a dinner. Anyway, I was impressed. The rolls, wraps and sushi they offered were very reasonable, close to half price for happy hour.
    Having lived in Newtown PA before moving to Rehoboth, I was a sushi snob due to the excellent and world class sushi produced by Say at Oishi’s in Newtown. Saketumi will be my # 2 sushi place from here on…..Why? Well, like Oishi’s, they don’t load you up with rice and fillers, the rolls were packed with seafood with a light delicate amount of rice around it.
    I will be back for dinner now that I have done my HH investigations.

  10. Avatar Kay Klotzbach says:

    The hot tea served is a type of tea that contains rice, Genmaicha. It is delicious but like other drinks, soda, wine, etc there is a markup. I love this place. I have had things like the filet (it was the best I ever had) and the curries and the sushi. All held their own against other japanes/thai establishments. In addition the ambience is wonderful. Who ever decorated it got is just right. Also the host at the door is easy on the eyes… very yummy. Service has also been excellent. I always like to take visitors here because they are always impressed. Bento boxes for lunch look like a good value, although I mainly eat dinner at this establishment. Gets a bit noisy in the dining area by the back bar but other than that, I can’t think of a negative.

  11. Avatar Louis Gates says:

    I love Saketumi – I can never get enough of their dumplings! A local staple that never disappoints. The lettuce wraps make a lighter entree so you can indulge in a variety of appetizers – and if you like heat…don’t forget to ask for the assortment of hot sauces!

  12. Avatar Deb Griffin says:

    My name should be on a chair at the bar – I’ve been here at least 40 times! The happy hour deals are amazing – the sushi is consistently good – of all the sushi restaurants in Rehoboth – this is the one I can count on! Every one I bring here always finds their way back – I am apparently a Saketumi-vangelist! Can’t say enough good things about it – we love this place!

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