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/ Updated on February 14, 2022

Taco Reho, one of the very first food trucks in this area, has stepped up to an amazing brick & mortar spot on Coastal Highway where Burger King used to be. Taco Reho, owned jointly by rock ‘n’ roll chef Billy Lucas and LaVida Hospitality makes a point of promoting Billy’s fresh, non-microwaved treats with open arms and mouths. Now it's dished up in an impressive venue with great-sounding music (curated personally by Billy Lucas), music/band themed light fixtures, a stack of cool speakers and tchotchkes and even a machine that starts with corn in one end and rolls finished and cooked corn tortillas out of the other.

Lucas’ parents had a place in Dewey Beach and he feels like he grew up there. Working late-nights at Theo’s, in Dewey he developed a passion not only for food but for the Delaware beaches as well. It’s worthwhile to note that he is no stranger to the tight quarters of mobile cheffing. As the cook for such luminaries as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and Nine Inch Nails, Billy’s domain was a truck that traveled with the bands, and he was on call pretty much 24/7. At one point he even worked in a sushi restaurant in St. Croix.

CLICK HERE to get to know Billy and Josh Grapski on their 6/26/21 appearance on my Beach Eats radio show. They give a great look behind the scenes of their now-open taco spot.

After 10 years in Los Angeles, he was ready to come home. Lucas’ rock ’n’ roll roots are apparent on the outside of the Taco Reho truck, where numerous volume knobs are all turned up to “11.” (Think “Spinal Tap.”) In fact, he is working on an “11 sauce” that he guarantees will bring even the most enthusiastic chilihead to his or her knees. I can’t wait!

The new menu at Taco Reho's permanent location stays pretty close to the selection of goodies that were dished out through the window on the big black truck. The taco section (“Main Headliners”) is still 8 items, 7 of which are tacos about 5” in diameter and very fairly priced around $5. The relatively small size makes for the perfect bite and allows you to try a few things in the same visit.

One of the secrets to the popularity of his tacos is the use of freshly made corn tortillas rather than flour. The corn tortillas are manufactured before your very eyes in a proprietary machine – built exclusively for Taco Reho – that starts with corn and creates the masa, cooks it on a huge flame, pressing and forming the tortilla to end up on your plate cradling your favorite taco fixins'. Nice touch, Billy.

My favorite Taco Reho taco is a toss-up between the Chicken Tinga (shredded chicken flavored with smoky chipotle and topped with a salsa verde and queso fresco (a snow-shite crumbly Mexican cheese), and the Buffalo Shrimp – wrapped in a warm tuille (savory burnt cheese). It's delicious.  Both are easy to navigate with your hands (thanks to the flexible strength of the corn tortilla). The menu rounds things out with burritos (also available as bowls) and quesadillas (these are made with flour tortillas, of course.

Freshly made tacos are best enjoyed the moment they are served. So before you decide to do takeout or anything like that, enjoy the proper Taco Reho taco experience by just bellyin' up to the counter or letting the servers take care of you over near the guitar-shaped bar. There is also a drive-through and the place is set for pickup via an app.

One of my favorites has been, and still is, the Danger Dog. It's a foot-long dog wrapped in bacon with black beans, cheese, avocado, mustard, chipotle mayo, queso fresco (a dry Mexican cheese), pickled onions and cilantro. It's a commitment! You can also get the Queso Dog (slathered in queso, pico and a bit of queso fresco. Or stick with just the bun for a plain experience. By the way, their queso is exceptional. Creamy white with a nice blend of spices.

Another top seller on the truck and now on The Highway is the Carne Fries. Waffle fries are topped with that wonderful short rib and served nacho-style with his very own cheese sauce (it’s delicious). The crowning touch is pretty much every salsa he has on the truck. Ever so slightly reminiscent of the famous Dune Fries of Bethany Beach fame, these things are addictive. And the portion is generous for the $13 ticket. Order them to share if you are getting other stuff.

For a switch from the generally savory and carnivorous offerings, be sure to try the Baja Fish taco. Green cabbage, avocado and pickled onions combine with radishes and spicy mayo. This guy knows his tastes, and the Baja taco is a winner.

At the moment, the new Taco Reho location at 18784 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth Beach (in the old Burger King spot near Rt. 24) is open 11 – 9 weekdays (closed Mondays and Tuesdays) and 11-10 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I'm sure these hours will change as soon as they add lunch and get into the season again. -. Follow Taco Reho on Facebook.

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19406 Coastal Hwy.
(302) 727-5568

Open noon - 1a
Food trucks outside!
Open noon - 1a
Food trucks outside!
Open noon - 1a
Food trucks outside!
Open noon - 1a
Food trucks outside!
Open noon - 1a
Food trucks outside!
Open noon - 1a
Food trucks outside!
Open noon - 1a
Food trucks outside!
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    I bought a house here in 2005 and have followed the growth of Matt Haley’s imaginative and deliciously presented dishes at his restaurants into the sprawling Soldel Concepts with little diminution in the quality of Haley’s original approach. Now that Soldel has taken over one of the only other tasty venues that I have loved—Surf Bagel—I wonder if Rehoboth Foodie might review SB again. This morning was my first visit back to SB since Soldel takeover and my usual bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted everything bagel (and a large cup of one of their cool, flavored coffees, thank you) came to me on a soft, puffy almost naked bagel… not the chewy but fresh and heavily dotted-with- “everything”-seeds bagel. I am hoping today’s disappointment was an aberration but I encourage you to revisit them to confirm or deny. I think Soldel and Surf are a combo made in Heaven but not if they are going to mess with the original formula.

  2. The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

    OOPS! They were supposed to do that!

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