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Bluecoast Rehoboth

/ Updated on October 1, 2019

SoDel Concepts' CEO Scott Kammerer and his talented crew have opened their brand new Bluecoast Rehoboth in the Gateway Center near Fresh Market. Excitement has been high since he broke the news exclusively on the Sip & Bite Show during the Saturday, 10/22 broadcast with the Rehoboth Foodie. (Listen to it HERE.) Since then they have been working hard to live up to all the hype — and they certainly have. The huge facility features a massive outdoor dining deck with a stage for entertainment, along with a play area for kids of any age – cuddled up to an outdoor covered bar. The inside is beautifully designed all in white, with an entirely open kitchen where you can watch the action from a raw bar.

The second iteration of Bluecoast Bethany, the 2-hour-wait icon in Bethany Beach, sports 250 seats. Bluecoast Rehoboth brings the number of SoDel Concepts-owned eateries to 10.

The menu makes a few happy nods to some of the other SoDel Concepts restaurants, including Lupo Italian Kitchen, Matt's Fish Camp and Catch 54. Can you guess the dishes adopted by Bluecoast Rehoboth? Early Rehoboth Foodie pick hits include the pork ribs, the famous Bluecoast sea scallops, the wings, the lobster pasta and the steamed clams in a cream sauce. We also loved the gumbo appetizer and the lobster fried rice – with a special surprise on top! (See the photo gallery).

This is our 4th visit so far, and I'm adding two more don't-miss items: The lobster grilled cheese and the cheezy jalapeno crab dip. Wait til you taste their house-made chips. Nicely seasoned and properly cooked so they don't clump together into a gooey mess. The dip is pictured in the gallery.

UPDATE: Visit #6 tonight. Got the softshell crab special, yet another dish of that jalapeno/cheese crab dip and the lobster fried rice side (jauntily crowned with a fried egg!). I keep looking for something to be wrong, and I have failed so far. We sat at the holy grail of seats, the raw bar, immediately facing “the window” (aka Ground Zero of the kitchen battleground). Lead Chef Jason Dietterick was expediting. It was a true pleasure to watch him work. He is a perfectionist. Matt Haley would have been so proud.

The menu has a wide variety of goodies, so try everything. They are open limited hours every day from 11:30 to close. Apparently lunch is in the offing after the dust settles.

Congratulations Scott and the entire SoDel Concepts family! Read more about Bluecoast Rehoboth in my Cape Gazette column from a few weeks ago.

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crafts = micro/artisanal brews (e.g., Old Leghumper Lager)

30115 Veterans Way in Rehoboth Gateway Center

by Fresh Market & Bed, Bath & Beyond


Open 11:30-9

Open 11:30-9
Open 11:30-9
Open 11:30-9
Open 11:30-9
Open 11:30-10
Open 11:30-10
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  1. Avatar Barbara Hellens says:

    My daughter gave us a gift certificate last year and we finally used it Thursday night. My husband and I had an amazing dinner we had the crab cake special and it was delicious highly recommend it. The service too was excellent! We will be back to try something else or I just might stick to the crab cakes.

  2. Avatar Bob from Lewes says:

    We’ve eaten at four of the SoDel restaurants so far, and Bluecoast’s food and service is by far the best! On our second visit this week we made a point of asking for Jon (Jonathan) as server since he was awesome in helping us decide on menu items previously. The steamed shrimp dumplings appetizer was out of this world. Our entrees of shrimp stuffed with crab imperial and dayboat scallops were absolutely prepared to perfection, with portions large enough to take some home for lunch the following day. Jon again was outstanding as our server, even though he also had a new server, Quillan, who was shadowing him. He was constantly politely checking to be sure we were happy with our food and inquiring about whether we needed anything. The entire staff seemed so pleasant and hard-working. Bluecoast is a winner overall!

  3. Avatar Pat Fox says:

    OMG went here for my Birthday with my lovely family. It had rained most of Sat (8/12) but we went outside as it looked like it the rain was over. What a great time we had. The food was wonderful as was the service. Matt Haley would be sooooo proud of what has been done in his vision!
    It is beautifully decorated & the flowers are beautiful as well!

  4. Avatar Yummybear says:

    This visit was a birthday treat by close friends and a welcome relief that we didn’t have to drive far this time to enjoy Bluecoast. Yes the place is crowded, it’s fresh, it’s summer, it’s the beach in season, get over it. That said, waiting for our seating text of 35-45 minutes never got us used to the din of too much noise. Standing behind the bar with our drinks, quickly taught us a lesson, we seemed to always be in the way of fast moving staff and customers. They need a bigger bar and something has to be done with the dining room din…uhmm…noise.
    We were seated in the ‘library’ which is a lovely room that allowed us to converse across the table with more ease. The server was cheerful, and always on top of our needs.
    We ordered two appy’s to share, the Calamari was good, the Shrimp dumplings were oddly lacking in Shrimp unless pureed with the peas inside? However, the sauce/broth the dumpliings were served in was the unexpected star of the night. A gorgeous amber color with deep flavors, slightly acidic, and fresh herbs floating on top. We protected that bowl of lovely aujous because I had decided I was going to spoon it over the Swordfish two of us had ordered. The bread was a soft white but only one piece per person, stingy? Our serving hero smiled as she dropped another plate as she checked our happiness with the entree. The sauce really did make our fish all the yummier.
    The night ended with a nod to my birthday with one of the tablemates really enjoying his offering which was essentially an Ice Cream sundae in a tall glass. Imagine the shock when the Key Lime Pies arrived and all of us stared at a nice sized slice of pie that was orangy/tan? Yes Mango was described on the menu but we assumed it would be the smear of sauce on the plate, not the non green Key Lime pie. Yep, we eat with out eyes, so I closed my eyes to fool myself and uhmm, it kinda tasted Lime? Both pieces were enjoyed, good texture, not cloying sweet, rich, but not Kermit Green. Word to the wise.
    So Del, I’ve enjoyed many a good night at your various places over the years and thank you for another good place to enjoy in the beach mix. Perhaps as time allows for adjustments you will be able to tame the excessive noise and provide more bar space while waiting for a valuable table. Thank you.

  5. Avatar Cathy D says:

    Thought we’d try this place out for our 20th Anniversary. Nice atmosphere, waited 30 minutes – no problem, sat in the ‘Library’, LOVED all the cookbooks on the shelves, wanted to borrow a couple! It was FREEZING, we weren’t the only ones cold and mentioning this to the staff. I was told by our waitress that “yeah, you may be cold but it feels great to us!” I don’t know if they serve bread with dinner but we didn’t get any. The salads were amazing – the Wedge was HUGE, the Spinach was very tasty. We ordered the Crab Carbonara, big dish, lots of flavors, looks like egg drop meets lomain, and the Lobster Cavatella, for the $26, it looked like leftovers from another plate, very skimpy and maybe one whole claw, too overpriced for what it looked like. Then our waitress just drops off the check, didn’t ask if we wanted desert or anything, just have a nice night careful driving in traffic…. We’ll go again but maybe next anniversary. On my last note, while the text your table is ready is trendy – it may leave a lot of older customers who don’t text, have flip phones, and basically don’t know how to get texts. This is said only because in our business we are trying to help them figure their phones out!

  6. Avatar John McLaughlin says:

    I had dinner on Friday evening at the new Blue Coast in Rehoboth. The food was adequate, but the noise was intolerable. There is not a single sound absorbing material in the place. It is a typical beach restaurant. It is crowded. The food is passable. The noise level makes a meal there unpleasant. Give me Palate any day.

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