The Best … French Fries

/ March 10, 2020

Uh oh…. the villagers might show up with pitchforks and torches. But the foodie has researched and has come up with three contenders. Feel free to add yours below!


1. Thrashers in Rehoboth and in Ocean City. Par-fried in peanut oil. Can't get much better than that. No ketchup! Use malt vinegar! Bring your own ketchup or risk being smacked by one of the Svolis brothers at Gus & Gus in RB if you try to steal.

2. The fries at DB's Fries in Bethany Beach. Across from Zoca. Pair 'em with a cheesesteak.

3. 5 Guys! Prepared very much like Thrashers and cuddled up to your foil-wrapped burger so both stay tantalizingly warm.

4. Yes, McDonald's … even after the food police took them down a notch or two.

5. Bethany Blues: The shoestring variety. Not quite as firm and crispy as Thrashers, but quite good especially when slathered in Bethany Blues' spicy BBQ sauce. Pair them with a rack of St. Louis ribs.

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  1. Avatar SheriReho says:

    The salt fries @ Baywood Clubhouse. YUM.
    The steak fries at Pete’s or Pat’s. Meaty!

  2. Avatar Tom says:

    None of these “Fry Joints” can hold a candle to the two places that were side by side at the end of Rehoboth Avenue in the ‘70’s.

    They were Tony’s and George’s. Each posted and boasted each establishment’s fries were better than the other. I think they used to cook them in lard! Was also the time Nicolas came to town & in ‘71 invented their famous Nic-O-Bolivar!

  3. Avatar Paul says:

    We absolutely love the fries from Pete’s Cheesesteaks behind Shell We Golf. They’re straight out of the fryer each and every time.

  4. Avatar Anne says:

    I hate limp french fries. I like them crisp on the outside and I don’t need them cooked any special way. Arenas has the best

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