Nalu Hawaiian Surf Bar & Grill (Rehoboth)

/ Updated on October 5, 2019

Dewey's popular Nalu Hawaiian Surf Bar & Grill is open in its RB ocean-block location! They open at 11AM every day. Owner Regan Derrickson has completely transformed the old Wilmington University building on the north side of the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue into a Hawaiian-themed Tiki Bar with an actual thatch roof, 3-D waves and a lighted bar top that MUST BE SEEN to be believed!

Longtime Rehoboth chef Dave Sauers (formerly of MIXX and The Pond) is in the kitchen, and is turning out his signature uncomplicated and tasty comfort food. On our first first visit, I couldn't pass up the Wagyu burger (a place has to be able to turn out a decent burger). I have to tell you it was delicious. The deeply savory taste of the wagyu beef stood up to the condiments (…I like lots of mustard) and everything was happily nestled in a proper burger roll: fresh, firm on the outside, soft & yeasty on the inside, with white AND black sesame seeds (“It makes it more Hawaiian,” says owner Regan Derrickson). It was served with the VERY unusual “Sidewinder” fries. I'll leave that as a surprise. These ain't yo' mamma's french fries by any means. There are 5 other burger choices, all made with wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is expensive, so don't expect a $6.99 burger. The meat costs him more than that. But the couple of extra bucks are well worth it if you like your burger to be all that it can be.

I'm am particularly excited about the tacos; there are 7 from which to choose. The Teppanyaki Ribeye Steak tacos are quite good, kicked up with the brightly spiced Nalu slaw and the Baja sauce that must be tasted to be believed. Chef Dave couldn't stop talking about the Portuguese Sausage (Linguiça) tacos. He makes the sausage there in the restaurant and is quite proud of it. And rightly so.

Seven entree selections round out the menu, including Pad Thai with egg, tamarind, cilantro,vegetables, peanuts, & chives (you can also add chicken or shrimp) and Hawaiian Saimin (an 80 oz. rice noodle bowl (!) with dashi beef bone broth, kalua pork, shrimp, SPAM, vegetables & soft boiled egg.

My lunchy friend Lisa (catering manager at Touch of Italy) went ballistic over the traditional Poke Bowl served w/ sushi rice, edamame, cucumbers, avocado,carrots, sesame seeds, wonton crisps & scallions. There are 7 (count 'em, SEVEN!) other Poke Bowl selections. By the way, while I'm thinking about it, another must-get on the starters menu is the coconut shrimp. The pineapple/mango habanero sauce adds a very flavorful exclamation point.

Take a look at the menu HERE. The new Rehoboth Nalu is located at 41 Rehoboth Avenue, on the north side of The Avenue in the old Wilmington Trust/Wilmington University building. It has been completely transformed. Scroll through the gallery to see some highlights of the place.

CLICK HERE to hear the boss REGAN DERRICKSON talk about the new Nalu with The Rehoboth Foodie on the Sip & Bite Radio show broadcast on March 2, 2019.

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  1. Avatar Tiffany Stancil says:

    Dear Staff at Nalu Hawaiian Bar and Grille,

    Hello, my name is Tiffany , I had the pleasure of choosing supper at your restaurant during my beach visit on 5/25/19.

    I sincerely love your little restaurant very cute , awesome concept and magnificent staff from the greeters to my awesome and very kind waitress Mrs. Nancy.

    Everything was very delicious. I love your Hawaii themed restaurant and loved my grilled grouper . My friend had the vegetable burger and Mac salad.

    Thanks for being there for us to try. Keep up the awesome job!!

  2. Avatar Jack Bostic says:

    Hope it all happens. Nalu is a favorite out-of-season drive from our Long Neck home. They feature a great selection of beers and generous portions of all their unique foods.

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