The Best … Crab Cake

/ Updated on March 19, 2021

I know, them's fightin' words. People get as wound up about crab cakes as they do about pizza. And I've got the abusive emails and idiotic Facebook posts to prove it. But that's OK…at least I've got people thinking about this stuff.

As of this writing, the best crab cakes I have had in the Rehoboth Beach area are, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER,

1. Woody's Dewey Beach Bar & Grill in Dewey Beach, slightly south of and across the street from The Starboard. These non-fried orbs are very popular.

2. Surfing Crab in Lewes, just north of the Nassau Bridge.

3. Henlopen City Oyster House on Wilmington Avenue in downtown Rehoboth Beach.

4. Another contender by popular demand is Matt's Fish Camp in Lewes, Bethany and Fenwick. Different from the Woody's variety, but very nicely spiced with a satisfying texture.

Now tell us your favorites. Keep it positive; I will edit out useless negative tirades (except for mine, of course…).
Add Your Comment below. Crab cake lovers are waiting anxiously….

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  1. Avatar Linda Overbaugh says:

    I love crab cakes! I have found the best crab cake is at the Purple Parrot! 8oz lump crabmeat with enough filler to hold it together!

    • Avatar Michael Palmer says:

      Agree 100%, Purple Parrot’s crab cakes are the best I’ve had at the beach! Tried ‘em at Blue Coast, Matt’s Fish Camp, Bethany Blues, Summer House, Big Fish, Cafe Azefran and Woody’s. The last two and Purple Parrot are in a league if their own!

  2. Avatar Tom says:

    Not only are Woody’s crab cakes the best, they are also very reasonably-priced. You can also get one on a salad, in a sandwich and with anything else you might want. Not much parking so go off-season.

  3. Avatar Phil says:

    Margaret and I have been coming to Rehoboth for maybe 20 years and have always considered Jake’s the best. So we had to test Woody’s. To be fair, I was getting take out crab cake sandwiches and then riding my bike back to Rehoboth from Dewey Beach. So the goal here was non inferiority. First bite; Nirvana, Xanadu, Avalon, Valhalla, Heaven on Earth. Even the roll traveled well that 3 miles. Woody’s wins easily. But if we are just walking to get crab cakes, it will still be Jake’s.

  4. Avatar Berdi says:

    Woodys for sure!

  5. Avatar D Espitia says:

    I moved here from Maryland, so I’ve eaten some great crab cakes, and the ones at the new Matt’s Fish Camp near Lewes are great!

  6. Avatar Jean Hasselbauer says:

    Believe it or not I have eaten a delicious crab cake at Bethany Blues on Route 1. In season they make them with Maryland blue crabmeat.

  7. Avatar Lisa Arnone says:

    The Summer House and equally good Salt Air.

    • Avatar Terri says:

      I SOOOOO agree with you–the “Summer House Saloon.” I ate there in 2008 on a business trip to Millsboro. It was the BEST lump crab cake that I have EVER had!! I’m drooling because I live in Kansas City, and I want to come back and bring my family with me to visit and go to the Summer House again!

  8. Avatar Ron Raab-Long says:

    The best I’ve ever had was at Blue Coast in Bethany.

  9. Avatar Bonnie says:

    Best Crab Cake at the beach is Purple Parrot hands down.

  10. Avatar James Mueller says:

    The Purple Parrot has one of the best and biggest crabcakes around. The flavor and plenty of lump crab make this one of the best cakes around.

  11. Avatar Floyd says:

    No doubt about it, Woodys is the best. My other go to is the Captains Galley in West Ocean City. (I understand they have been sold so I hope the new owner keeps the crabcakes and salad bar as is).

  12. Avatar Denise says:

    Suicide Bridge Restaurant, Hurlock, MD. A bit of a drive, but so worth it!!

  13. Avatar Sandy Leigh says:

    I had the absolute best crab cake at Matt’s Fish Camp!

  14. Avatar Peggy Paul says:

    The best crab cake I ever had was tonight at Bethany Blues in Lewes. It was grilled and absolutely no “fillers”—all fresh crab meat. And believe me, I have eaten my share of crab cakes.

  15. Avatar Chuck Crichley says:

    The Purple Parrot in Rehobeth have the biggest and best lump crab cakes and sandwiche and fun atmosphere.

  16. Avatar pat says:

    definitely Woodys can’t even describe how good it is

  17. Avatar Ron says:

    OK, get off your duff and go to Gilligans !!!

  18. Avatar Michael Braxton says:

    Woody’s crab cakes are fantastic, best around IMO, and certainly much better than the famous “factory” that serves them up down the road. And they are a decent size for the price. far too many places around charge an arm and a leg for an over-sized golf ball sized “crab cake.” As the article mentions, I do not think it’s a coincidence that the owner of Woody’s happens to be from the capital city of blue crab–Baltimore, MD.

    • Avatar Barbara says:

      Agree Woodys is tops, and even the sides are really good. The Surfing Crab has Woodys veterans in its kitchen, so that is a good sign if you want to drive in the opposite direction.

  19. T. W. T. W. says:

    You finally went to Cafe on 26. I have emailed yuou twice about the crab cakes there. And yes, they are really good. I look forward to your article about the place.

  20. Avatar Sharon Lynn says:

    I agree with you! Woody’s Crabcakes are the best around! Sambo’s in Leipsic are a close second.

  21. Avatar Barbara Teal says:

    The crab cakes at Baywood are the best I’ve had in a long time. The new chef has improved the food there 100%

  22. Avatar Elaine says:

    Your three suggestions also agree with ours, but “Purple Parrot” has a wonderful crab cake offering-either sandwich or dinner. Wednesday offer it as a 1/2 price special now!

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