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/ Updated on June 10, 2020

Former Lewes Pizza owner Mustafa Murat Tan's (aka, “Mike”) new Aroma restaurant has opened for business – sort of … they have food available for takeout and delivery during the restaurant closures. The restaurant is located in the old 208 Social spot at the corner of 2nd St. and Wilmington Avenue. The location was previously home of Stoney Lonen Irish Pub and also Ann Marie's Italian restaurant that  eventually moved onto the highway where Saketumi restaurant is now located. Mike and Lütfi Kaçmaz, his newly imported head chef from Turkey, feature many of his favorite Turkish recipes in an informal setting complete with a bar.

The menu contains delicious middle-eastern sips and bites including Piyaz, a cool and refreshingly acidic salad of cannellini beans, tomatoes, parsley, peppers, feta and a house vinaigrette. Another soon-to-be Rehoboth Foodie Pick Hit is the Muhammara (a walnut dip!) and Beyiti consisting of minced lamb with spices and peppers in a homemade pita with butter, yogurt and tomato sauces. Scroll through the gallery to see more dishes.

On our first visit we got the Borak (spanakopita with a Turkish twist). It is simply delicious and the feta cheese is bright and salty enough to stand out over the spinach. Another slam dunk is the babaghanouj – think hummus but with roasted/smoked eggplant. It is also bright and lemony  and stands up to any similar dish I had back in Washington, D.C. We shared the mixed grill which offers tastes of most of the proteins offered in the restaurant. The Kefta burger (lamb burger) is delicious and loved it when we slathered it with Aroma's bright and garlicky tzatziki. We also tasted the hummus. All dishes were very well prepared. And wait 'til you taste their bread!

CLICK HERE to meet Mike and Lütfi on the Sip & Bite radio show that aired on Saturday, Feb. 29.

See the menu HERE.

See Aroma's website HERE.

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  1. Avatar Han Aydinel says:

    We had carryout from Aroma for the first time the other day, and wow is the food good! Tried the spinach pie, which was a generous portion and very flavorful, the calamari, and the beef kabobs. The kabobs were awesome, chargrilled large chunks of tender beef, onions, and a pleasant surprise- the “green pepper” was not your typical pepper often used in kabobs, but a very flavorful HOT pepper that created an explosion of flavor and complimented the beef extremely well. This is a very welcome addition to the great restaurant choices we have here in Reho, only wish my {Turkish} dad was still alive as he would have enjoyed it even more than I did.

  2. Avatar Chuck says:

    We had an excellent first experience with takeout dinner from Aroma last night. The Aroma Platter provided a very nice variety of five cold starters along with an ample supply of their delicious homemade bread. Ou favorites from the Platter were the sautéed eggplant and the babaganoush. Another standout was the white bean salad with chargrilled beef add-on. Be sure to save room for some of their pistachio baklava–truly superb. Can’t wait to be able to dine-in at Aroma and taste more of their menu. Please support this new business during these difficult times–you won’t be disappointed.

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