On the Radio Last Week…

/ Updated on January 17, 2022

Did you miss last week's broadcast? Click the highlighted text to hear the segment podcasts. Each one lasts about 39 minutes.

In segment #1, meet Darren Tatum-Poole, co-owner of Long Neck's Taste of the South Bistro. And he brought a ton of goodies to taste!

In segment #2, pianist Joe Holt brings several cuts from his recent album for us to hear. Joe co-produced the recording sessions to create the music featured on my Christmas Day show. He's an amazing piano player!


In segment #1, meet award-winning (and Delmarvalous!) bartender Ryan Minnick! He placed 3rd out of 7000 contestants for the best cocktail not only in the solar system, but in the universe. And he's bringing some drink recipes!

In segment #2, meet Ann and Scott Viselli, the bosses at Ocean View's Fin & Claw Seafood & Provisions. And they brought goodies to taste! Yum.

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