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Theo’s Steaks, Sides & Spirits

/ Updated on December 14, 2020

Theo's Steakhouse, Sides & Spirits is at 44 Baltimore Avenue in downtown Rehoboth. Owner Chris Agharabi also owns and operates the Theo's restaurants and Ava's Pizzeria and Wine Bars in Cambridge, Md. and St. Michael's Md. Get to know Chris on his most recent appearance on The Rehoboth Foodie's radio show that aired in early June, 2020. Click HERE for that podcast.

Though the main focus at Theo's is steaks, the appetizer section of the menu should not be missed. And one of the stars of that show is the crispy green beans. These lightly seasoned, tempura-battered delights are up there with some of the best appetizers here at the beach (see the pic in the gallery). Chris has managed to elevate the humble edamame to new heights by adding lemon and pepper. They are addictive! And see below for the new Sunday Brunch info. You can see all that on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

As a result of the draconian lockdowns still being imposed on our restaurants, Theo's menu can be read directly from your phone. Each table has a QR Code image that you simply center in your phone camera screen and tap the QR code prompt that will appear. I have to admit it was sort of fun. Be sure to download it so you can refer to it without having to re-scan. Want to try it? Scroll through the gallery. When you get to the QR image, center it on your camera screen. It's FUN!

On our first visit our 6-top ordered the New York Strip steak and the Filet, both of which came out perfectly to temperature. Let me tell you, one of the don't-miss sides at Theo's is those mashed potatoes! Generally, mashed potatoes do not fare well being “held” in the kitchen – most restaurant offerings are rubbery and pasty. It's just the nature of the beast. But not at Theo's: they were creamy, buttery and just like mom used to make (and, in fact, just like I make).

We've returned to Theo's several times since then, and have found the food and service to be as consistent as anywhere else, given the prolonged restrictions. We also enjoyed the Ahi tuna and the crab cake. The image in the gallery is of a lone crab cake accompanied by Chris Agharabi's very own succotash. He just put this together at the table, but both are available on the menu separately. I have never liked succotash. This was different. It was surprisingly creamy, delicately spiced and reminded me of a delicate pot pie filling. If that's a side when you go, get it!

The Steak Frites are also quite good, and while we are on the subject, their frites (french fries) in general are very good. Sometimes fries are just a second thought in many restaurants, these could be a main course. In fact, for the polite price of only $135 you can get a bucket of those delicious fries accompanied by a bottle of Veuve champagne. The perfect goodie for a special occasion!

Subsequent visits have resulted in an A rating for the Greek salad. Cool, crisp, with a light lemony dressing. I could have used more feta cheese, but then I can ALWAYS use more feta cheese. An associated foodette at our table ordered the Truffle Parmesan Frites. Regulars to this site know how I feel about truffle oil. It tastes terrible and has nothing to do with real truffles. That being said, she loved it. So if you are OK with eating perfume, by all means order the truffle parm frites. Of course I mean all that in the most loving way.

Another one-of-a-kind entree at Theo's Steaks, Sides & Spirits is the Thanksgiving Dinner “365″. Yup, roast turkey breast, with all the dressings & fixin's. And interestingly enough, Chris tells me they sell more of those in the summer than in the colder months! I had it on our first night. It was perfect – including those mashers and moist turkey dressing just like mom used to make.

Currently Theo's hours are 4 to 10 7 days.  They are serving a Sunday brunch from 10a – 2p. Happy Hour is Sunday thru Thursday 4 – 6:30. Sunday is Funday with $5 mimosas all day. Check out the daily specials  (most $10 or less!) Monday thru Thursday. BY THE WAY … Looking to work at a good restaurant? Theo's is looking for quality, reliable help. Apply there!

Check out Theo's site HERE.

Chris ALSO appeared on the radio with the Rehoboth Foodie on Saturday, 2/8. Hear that podcast by clicking HERE.

Theo's Steaks, Sides & Spirits is located at 44 Baltimore Avenue in downtown Rehoboth Beach. There is outdoor dining on the east side of the building. You can call them at (302) 227-7107.

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