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Lori’s Oy-Vey Cafe

/ Updated on August 5, 2014

Such a deal! And, yes, there IS a Lori. You'll find her behind the counter making sandwiches and other goodies, along with her friendly (and loyal) minions. There's not anything quite as nice as strolling down Baltimore Avenue on a cool, breezy spring or fall morning and picking up a muffin, bagel or other nosh from Lori's.

Lori's Oy Vey Cafe is located in the open courtyard next to the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center. Diners, nibblers and full-blown fressers can plop (or is that “plotz?”) in the courtyard, passing judgment and quietly commenting on the panoply of passers-by. Lori's shines when it comes to sandwiches. And she's known throughout the area for her, in her very own words, “Chicken Salad to DIE for.” It's aptly named. White meat chicken, toasted almonds, apples, blue cheese (!) and more goodies. I like to get it on their always-fresh French baguette with hot pepper spread (oh, those Goyim!).

Of course, there is the Oy-vey part of the menu with corned beef, turkey (she roasts the turkeys right there…I've seen it with my own eyes) and deli-friendly combinations including whitefish, salami, salmon and…ham (SHHH…don't tell your bubbe!). Well, it IS Delaware, after all. Enjoy it all on a nice selection of breads. Their iced tea is a slightly sweet Tahitian blend and goes down nicely with the generously stuffed sandwiches.

Sorry, Chronic Complainers, I really tried, but I just can't find any major fault with this friendly little sandwich shop. If you have, please enlighten us below. Lori's is located at 39 Baltimore Ave. You can't see it from the street, so just follow the chewing sound into the little plaza that adjoins CAMP Rehoboth. They will happily deliver in-town if you call 302-226-3066. Mercifully, Lori's is open well into the fall season (we have to be carefully weaned off of her chicken salad for the long winter) so just give a call to make sure they're open. Click here to follow Lori on Facebook. (B., L.) Price Range: Moderate.

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  1. Avatar betty ewing says:

    We found the sandwiches pricey for such a small eatery. the corned beef was exceptional. on first visit we sat outside and the owner did come out to greet and check on everything.

    On our last visit the “cheap surf & turf” was really outstanding and the apparently homemade rye bread also outstanding. my friend had the corned beef and equates it to the famous Attmans in Baltimore-thin sliced, lean and plentiful. we have not tried the Saturday night dessert special but hope it includes sugar free options.

  2. Avatar Jessica says:

    Food is always great. Staff is AWESOME! But I have to say sandwiches are a little expensive, but that won’t keep me from going back frequently!

  3. Avatar Christy H says:

    The Foodie is right, can’t find a thing wrong with Lori’s. In fact I just found a new monkey on my back, the brie sandwich!! I was pushed into trying it when all I wanted was my usual field greens salad and of course a scoop of chicken salad. Thank you Lori!!!! The perfectly crunchy on the outside soft on the inside French bread, tart green apples, sweet & spicy honey mustard and warm creamy Brie all in between, heaven!

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