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Casapulla’s Sub Shop

/ Updated on May 10, 2024

My first review of this sandwich shop was in September, 2009. Figured it might be time for an update. Interestingly, this place is so consistent and reliable that, other than the minor change in their name, I had to rewrite very little in the article. Enjoy!

In one of my chequered forays into the food biz, I was a partner in an Italian Deli. One of the shining stars on our menu was the Italian sub. I suspect I ate up any profits I might have received (they sure went somewhere…). Since then, I've searched high and low for an Italian sub that measured up to my own. Well, the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow is indeed, Casapulla's Sub Shop. And why is that, you might ask….

The Italian sub might vary a bit depending on who actually pulls the ticket out of the printer, but it's always good. I occasionally quote the noted gastronome, gourmet and educator James Beard when he said, “Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” I feel that Casapulla's puts out an Italian that is high on that list.

The secret (other than the freshest bread and ingredients) is in how the sub is constructed. The artisans at Casapulla's South, led by big boss Mike LaPenta and GM Sean Gregg, fold the meats and cheese tightly over top the fillings (I get lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and extra hot peppers) so the ingredients don't come squirting out at the first bite, fall out all over your hands, or (horror of horrors!), tear through the bottom of the roll. This makes for a firm, easy to handle sandwich. Couple that with their (almost always) fresh sub rolls, and the stage is set for gastronomic delight. There are some very nice sub joints around here who just can't get the hang of that construction technique! So they open the roll and pile everything onto it like a big salad with the bread as the plate. Pick it up (if you can find the bread under all that), and everything tumbles into your lap.

For this reason, I have to award Casapulla's the Best Italian on the Beach. The others are OK, but each bite of that firm, properly packed and easy to handle Casapulla's sub contains the same combination of goodies: A critical factor.

I occasionally try to break out of my rut and get their cheesesteak and chicken cheesesteak. Again, the fresh ingredients and the bread make it well worth the very short ride up Rt. 1. If the Italian and cheesesteaks are any indication of the execution of the overall menu, I would recommend trying anything. Actually, you might not believe this, but the tuna salad sub is a sleeper. The stuff is delicious. Get a little hot pepper spread on  it along with provolone. Charley would be proud of you.

By the way, in the mood for meatballs? Their entirely made-from-scratch meatballs are also quite good.

I know I raved about the cheesesteaks (especially the chicken cheesesteaks) at another sub shop in town, I stand by it all. And the differences in the cheesesteak department are small and picky. Needless to say, I make the rounds of each place, ordering what I feel they do best. I refuse to spend the calories and carbs on anything that is not perfect.

Service at Casapulla's is prompt, businesslike and just as polite as it needs to be. They are all about getting you your food quickly.

Casapulla's is located in Lighthouse Plaza, behind the QVC Outlet Store and Buffalo Wild Wings. Going north, turn right just past the Chick-fil-A, and then turn left. Their phone number is 302-227-SUBS (7827) for carryout. Click here for Casapulla's new menu. (L., D.) Price Range: Inexpensive.

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19331 Lighthouse Plaza Blvd
Unit 1


Open 10a - 7p
Open 10a - 7p
Open 10a - 7p
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Open 10a - 8p
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  1. Avatar Betty Sharp says:

    A breakfast favorite for me is Pepper, Egg & Provolone cheese with mayonnaise. Have been buying them since the 1980’s & they are awesome.

  2. Avatar DMac says:

    Very simply, the best Italian sub anywhere. It is made from the freshest ingredients, and it is perfectly constructed. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Avatar Gloria Merryman says:

    Consistently good. When you need that sub fix this is my go to place. Mike and Paula have worked so hard to bring our community top rate service and food. Did you know you can pick up prepared dishes from their refrigerator at the store? Perfect for those unexpected guests or when you don’t want to cook.

  4. Avatar ocpitmaster says:

    OCMD native that frequently travels way up north to Casapulla’s! Best Italian cold cut in the DE/MD beach region-bar none!
    Casapulla’s- please follow Grotto’s and journey south to the food wasteland!!

  5. Avatar The Foodie says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing, starting this year, in fact. If their costs are up, they should increase the price by 50 cents or so and give people what they are used to. Bad move.
    The thing to get at Casapulla’s South is the Italian Sub. Surprisingly, a sleeper there is their tuna salad.

  6. Avatar Rob says:

    My girlfriend and I recently visited Casapullas for a quick dinner. The staff was friendly and the dining area was clean and comfortable. We both ordered cheese steaks. Our order was completed in a fairly quick amount of time. Everything was fine except the cheese steaks. I was shocked how little meat was in the roll. I almost was going to ask if there was something in error. I looked and there was a $2.50 extra meat option, but this was really low on meat regardless. The steak itself was in sliced form and not chopped. I understand the steak form is a preference to the restaurant/cook, but I am all about the steak being chopped. Our cheese steaks were ordered no onion but more than one piece of onion was found. I really did not care but my girlfriend hates onion. Overall not really a bad experience but cheesesteaks never again.

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