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We are very fortunate…

“I just wanted to commend you again for another one of your extraordinarily articulate and accurate essays.  This article was principally concerning the downside risks of restauranting in a high rent resort market and other factors, but I doubt there is anyone else in this country (or perhaps world for that matter) who consistently does the extraordinary work that you do for the area food industry.  I’ve never seen another food critic and commentator who nevertheless is as promotional, constructive and positive as you manage to be, and for the betterment of all parties I should add. .  You’re not only our window and trustworthy critic/proponent on the local food world, you’re an educator, entertainer, and humorist thrown in for good measure. Once again, we’re very fortunate to have you Bob…..keep up your excellent work!”
-A faithful Cape Gazette reader

You are so funny…

Great show. You’re so funny. I listen to you on 105.9.com bc I am in Northern Delaware and we don’t get 105.9 upstate. Great reviews and cool guests you have on your show. I miss you live on Saturdays but I hear the repeat on Sundays keep on Reviewing and have great night and a great rest of the weekend talk again soon.

— Gene, an upstate Foodie Follower

Keep up the good work!

“Hi! Just wanted to let you know how much We love your site! We refer to it ALL the time and love how detailed and informative it is. We live full time in DC and have a place in Rehoboth and are excited to see how much the restaurant scene has changed here. Keep up the good work 😉. If you ever want opinions on any of the restaurants here or in DC shoot us an email. Always happy to share! …”

–DC Foodie Fan Shelly

Love listening & learning!

I absolutely love listening and learning on 105.9! Your enthusiasm and passion is only surpassed by your engaging interview (interaction) atmosphere. Food On!

–A faithful Sip & Bite show listener

Keep up the good work…

Your Lula Brazil article in the Cape Gazette [1/6/17 ‘The Business of Eating’] raised many good points not only about the restaurant business but all businesses. It is not uncommon to hear people complain about how much they have to spend for a variety of goods and services without understanding their total cost and value.

When I dine out during a busy lunch or dinner I find it nothing short than miraculous that a team is able to complete a shift successfully. This can only be accomplished by professionals that are dedicated to their craft and their customers. My wife and feel fortunate that we live in an area with so many excellent dining options. Through your work you are an excellent advocate for this important industry to our region.

Keep up the good work.

Max – a Faithful Foodie Follower and LinkedIn connection

Thank You

“…thank you for posting such wonderful information!”

–Faithful Foodie Vincent


“Thank you for the 2016 Resort Restaurant Roundup. Your report on the restaurant scene in today’s [12/30/16] edition of the Cape Gazette was  spectacular.
I am looking forward to a gastronomically delightful season”

–Wesley, a kind ‘Business of Eating’ fan

Thanks for All You Do

“Love the cheap eats chart, now I know how my friends know so much! … Thanks for all you do to inform people and help out the many restaurateurs working in a really tough business”

–Eugene, newfound Foodie Follower

Great resource, and fun!

“Fantastic service, so well written, great resource and fun! I was hoping you’ll be doing an article about Thanksgiving, specifically about restaurants where you can order the entire dinner ahead of time and pick it up to eat at home. I’ve tried the grocery store turkey dinners and they were awful, esp, Giant, whose turkey was still pink. Thank you!”

–Leslie, a faithful Foodie Follower

[Leslie was directed to the Rehoboth Foodie’s Cheap Eats/Specials list, where Thanksgiving carryout, buffets and dinners are listed as they are announced. The same also goes for Xmas and New Year’s. The list is a work in progress and increases as the holidays approach, so check back often.]

It draws us….

“Thanks…I do enjoy it [the bimonthly Foodie Digest emailer] … It draws us up to Rehoboth, to try new places, especially in the fall and the spring.”

–John, a loyal Foodie Follower in Ocean City, MD