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/ Updated on January 4, 2020

Baltimore, Md.'s Maria D'Ambrogi opened her very own taco/Mexican joint, Sirveza, in Dewey at 1904 Coastal Highway. She is right next door to Woody's, Jimmy O'Conor's popular emporium of crabcakes. Because of a bit of trademark unpleasantness, she has since renamed the spot SIRvida.

Like Woody's, SIRvida is very informal. Pretty much everything in Dewey Beach is terminally informal. It's that Dewey Way of Life that you hear about. A close look at the decor will reveal her dedication to her father (the “sir” in sirvida) with lots of personal tchotchkes, photos, etc. And the menu is as generous as it is informal. For example, if you order the nachos, make sure you bring your posse. The huge portion is quite good and contains lots of crispy veggies, etc. Scroll through the photo gallery – had to use a wide-angle lens to photograph those nachos!

We kicked off the night with Maria's answer to the Moscow Mule: The Dewey Donkey. The SIRvida version of the mule is a tribute to Maria's Mexican theme, and I will not reveal the magic ingredients. You'll have to try one yourself. Start with the photo in the gallery. Another cocktail that we were apparently not leaving before trying is “The Maria.” And when it arrived, we could see why. It is a combination of jalapenos and watermelon, mulled together with several tasty elixirs. It is as powerful as it is tasty. We had 2. At least I think we did….

When I first check out a Tex-Mex joint, my go-to dishes are generally the enchiladas and quesadillas. If they can't pull those off, then they can't pull anything off. Both dishes speak for themselves in the gallery. The enchiladas were stuffed with slow-cooked brisket (QUITE good!) and covered in a mixture of cheeses, including cojita, which made for a nice topping, since it doesn't melt as readily as some other varieties. The quesadillas would almost qualify as sandwiches. We had the shrimp variety and and the toasted tortillas worked perfectly with the cheesy filling. Both dishes were accompanied by a side of black beans and arroz. Only one other local place comes to mind that takes that kind of pride in their black beans. They are addictive.

CLICK HERE to see their hours.

Of course, this is just a sneak peek, and I am going back to get more photos and to tell you more about the place. The little merchandise area in the back is quite cute and you'll love the Xmas-light donkey hanging around the side entrance.

You can call SIRvida at 302-567-5978, or check their hours and specials at

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  1. Avatar Barbara says:

    Let me just put it right out there: This is a bar with some food, not a true restaurant. Popped in tonight around 7 (Saturday) after deciding not to wait the 45 minutes for Woody’s. Looked to be a wait anywhere considering on the way, parking lots up and down Route 1 were full. When we walked into the open door SIRVesa it was busy but plenty of open tables (dirty) available. Since we were not greeted we asked a patron settling the check who advised us to seat ourselves; After helping ourselves to menus and noticing one overwhelmed server running the entire place we finally ordered, and waited. The drinks arrived, no sugars or lemons brought with the tea but the can of Corona had a lime. 7:30 still no food. We ordered from the limited menu, 3 tacos and a brisket nacho. Noticed about 12 patrons leave without being seated or served. Waitress stopped by and brought another beer “on her” for the wait. Around 7:50 a kitchen person ran out what appeared to be my nachos. They were tasty but, where’s the beef? Our server came by again and said we were given the wrong food. Eventually we got both of our correct orders and an explanation that the bartender, server and one other person left to go to the Starboard closing party. Really? I suggested she call her owner and she informed me that his wife was seated enjoying her food with the family. Oblivious, apparently. The place is cute, the food is good but some mature management needs to get on board! Considering the tiny food menu and overall experience, I would have been better off at Taco Reho and the Big Chill. What a shame! PS. Really cute nook in the back with a TV and a couch, but tonight it was flooded with water coming from the kitchen.

  2. Avatar Janet says:

    I don’t see any specific deals for their off-season specials. Is just a rotating set during happy hour?

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      If that’s what is listed then that’s the information they gave me. Feel free to call and double check! This is the beach and things change without warning.

  3. Avatar Cheryl says:

    Yesterday afternoon we ended up at Sirveza during Happy Hour. We enjoyed $2 chicken tacos, $2 pork quesadillas, $2 beer, $2 sangrias. Everything was delicious. We’ll definitely be back.

  4. Avatar Sheila says:

    Is this an independently-owned franchise? I think I remember seeing a SIR Vesa at BWI airport.

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