Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls

/ Updated on October 9, 2020

Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls is open at 67 Rehoboth Avenue on the Ocean Block (where Nonna's Sweet Treats used to be). Mason's is a household word in Annapolis and the lobster rolls are quite tasty. How do I know? Because when I interviewed him on my radio show, owner Dan Beck brought enough lobster rolls to feed everyone at WGMD 92.7, PLUS the UPS guy, Bo the call screener, and some guy who was there to replace the red light on the top of our tower.

Click to hear Mason's owner Dan Beck give The Rehoboth Foodie the back story, on Sip & Bite with the Rehoboth Foodie on 105.9FM.

Another great story is how Dan came up with the Mason's name. It's the name of his child – who, at least at the moment, hates lobster. Dan hopes that young Mason will grow to like the tasty arachnid/crustacean that is presently supporting his family. By the way, Dan's source for his lobster is closely associated with his family, and is a direct connection to the Maine lobster boats and picking houses that supply fresh lobster meat to many high-profile outlets. The methods used to harvest the creatures are sustainable, so there will lots of fresh lobster rolls in our future.

Regular visitors to this website know how I gripe about “authentic” New England lobster rolls. I spent a lot of time in the Vermont/Maine area on business many years ago, and if you advertised an “authentic” Maine lobster roll and then brought out a lobster salad hoagie, the villagers would appear at your front door with pitchforks and torches. Not that there's anything wrong with a nice lobster salad sub – but it's certainly not a New England Lobster Roll. No way. No how.

Owner Dan Beck's family has been involved for many years in the lobster business in Maine. (Listen to the radio interview above to hear all about it). He knows what is authentic and what is not. And I have to tell you that the New England Lobster Rolls at Mason's are authentic. The lobster is almost impossibly fresh, perfectly cooked, and – most importantly – it is served on the regulation butter-toasted split-top roll. The warm, buttery crunch of the bread against the tender, cool lobster meat can only be achieved in this way.

The stars of the New England Lobster Roll show at Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls are the two at the top of the menu: The Classic Lobster Roll (fresh lobster with a bit of mayo and lemon on the toasted bun) and what they call the Connecticut Roll (warm, buttered lobster on the regulation bun. Just lobster, nothing else). They are both delicious and some of the best I have tasted outside of Boston and Maine. Lovers of the lobster salad persuasion will not be disappointed, either. Mason's offers a Lobster Salad Roll on the toasted bun with a bit of mayo, lemon and chopped celery.

I have to admit to falling prey to Mason's Lobster BLT Roll. Authentic? Well, not quite, but perhaps the only thing better than nice fresh lobster is nice fresh lobster … and bacon. Govern yourself accordingly!

We also had the New England Clam Chowder. The first thing I noticed about it was that it was not floury or thick. It has just enough substance to keep the potatoes and clams in suspension – with a nice amount on the spoon every time. You will find yourself drinking this right from the little paper bowl. Go ahead. We might talk about you behind your back, but who cares.

The menu also offers lobster salad over fresh greens, plus what much be a HUGE lobster roll – the meat of an entire 1.25 lb lobster including the tail – on a roll. At $20 it is the lobster-lover's dream. Check out the full menu here.

Current hours are 11-8 every day. In season MFLR will be open 10-11 every day. Call them for carryout at: 302-727-0411.

Click here to see Mason's Facebook page.


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67 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth


Open 11-8 in season
Open 11-8 in season
Open 11-8 in season
Open 11-8 in season
Open 11-8 in season
Open 11-8 in season
Open 11-8 in season
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  1. Avatar DEMATTMAN says:

    We shared the Connecticut roll with warm pieces of lobster in a buttered roll. It was fresh and had great taste. Also had the Maine clam roll and enjoyed as well. Jasmine explained, in detail, what the restaurant will grow into; I can’t wait. A great change of pace on the avenue!

  2. Avatar Claranne says:

    Can’t wait for the opening.

  3. Avatar Barbara Dorsey says:

    The roll in the picture looks perfect! When I volunteer the info booth at the boardwalk I get asked all the time about lobster rolls. I can not wait to try this one.

  4. Avatar Maureen says:

    Sounds great – love a good lobster roll! But…sorry to see Nonna’s Sweet Treats go….loved their lemon ricotta cookies!

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