The Best … Omelet

/ Updated on March 27, 2021

Uh, oh … now THERE's a touchy subject!

A proper omelet must not be overcooked. It needs to be moist, but not runny in the center. If it has cheese, the cheese should be slightly liquid so you get some in each bite. You need to be able to taste the fillings, be it cheese, meat, spinach, mushrooms, whatever. After a huge amount of research (with a side of crispy scrapple, of course) I find that the top six most consistently good omelets are, IN THIS ORDER:

  1. Sunrise in Dewey. Moist. Every time. Literally just a few seconds from the grill to your table.
  2. Crystal in Rehoboth. Also quite nice. A bit thicker (folded over a few times) but still right up there with the best.
  3. Robin Hood in Rehoboth. Another one with a few folds, but still manages to stay moist and shiny. Get it with a side of well-done scrapple.
  4. New Kid in Town as of 2020 Eggcellent Restaurant in Lewes also turns out a wonderfully soft, moist omelet.
  5. Another longtime standby is the huge – and very well made – omelets at The Starboard in Dewey Beach.
  6. Jimmy's Kitchen in Fenwick. This place is a hidden gem for breakfast. Hungry? Get the Nor'easter. There for lunch? Get the chicken salad club (add bacon, please…).
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