The Best … Italian Sub

/ Updated on October 1, 2019

Many of the Italian subs here in the Rehoboth Beach area are made with fresh, quality ingredients. But what separates the best from the rest? Construction!

And the most well-constructed Italian sub is at Casapulla's South behind Buffalo Wild Wings and Lighthouse Plaza across from the Giant Food. The proper Italian sub has the tomato, lettuce, pickles, peppers and whatever other fillings you love wrapped inside the meat and cheese — not just layered and piled up like a big salad on a roll. That way, each bite contains a portion of everything and the fillings don't end up in your lap or shooting out of the roll like a slingshot. Take a look at the photo.

Agree? Disagree? Try it first before you sound off….

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  1. Avatar Deb says:

    The best hoagie is made by Long Neck deli! There was a Casapullas in Longneck , but it could not compete!

  2. Avatar DMAC says:

    Foodie, you are spot on with your comments. I could not agree more.

  3. Avatar Lester says:

    Dude??!! Have you been to Frank and Louie’s ?? It’s not even close.

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Frank & Louie do Italian heroes. Casapulla’s and Capriotti’s are Italian subs. Big difference in NYC. I love Frank & Louie’s hero.

  4. Avatar David Briles says:

    Agree that Casapulla’s Is the best, but we were pleasantly surprised by the subs at Jersey Mike’s. They have a somewhat different taste, but, to our surprise, we found them to be almost as good as Casapulla’s.

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