The Best … Idiotic Comments (so far)

/ Updated on October 1, 2014

1. Guest to Papa Grande’s Coastal Taqueria manager after finishing her meal: “I’m disappointed. I thought it would be more like Taco Bell.”

2. Post on Facebook after a link that clearly identifies the restaurant depicted a photo: “What restaurant is that?”

3. Comment posted on after a review of an expensive steakhouse: “We don’t like it because the portions are too big.” Stay home. Have a salad. Leave room for the rest of us.

4. Email sent to walking food tours: “Please tell us the restaurants you visit. There may be one we don’t want to go to.” (Sorry. Part of the fun is the surprise. Get over yourself.)

5. Spoken or emailed to “You like everything. You never criticize anything.” These comments come from people who either (1) don’t bother to read the reviews all the way through, or (2) have heard it from somebody else who does not read the reviews all the way through. Either way, a casual surf through the site will prove them wrong.

6. Former Rehoboth restaurateur scolding The Foodie for a critical review of her marginal food and service: “I’m sick of the politics around here!” (Her lukewarm entrees, bloody-at-the-bone chicken and offhanded service had nothing to do with politics.)

7. Facebook post after we ran a photo of a kid holding 2 slices of Grotto Pizza: “I’m sick of you appeasing the corporate giants!” Grotto Pizza a corporate giant? You need to get out more.

8. Facebook post after somebody checked me in at Buffalo Wild Wings: “I can’t believe you even went there! I hope you’re not going to give it a good review!”
Well, I asked a friend to post a comment asking that person if they had ever been there. The response was a self-righteous and indignant “No.” OK. Let’s get real here: The place is what it is: A sports bar with kicked-up bar food. And it is, in fact OK (actually the service is better than OK). It is NOT fine dining. It’s a noisy sports bar with 3000 TVs and lots of beer taps. Period.
This is the beach and I write about everything. So get over yourself. Who are you, the Prince of Wales? Nobody’s impressed when you sound off about a place where you have never been. And by the way, I posted a review of Buffalo Wild Wings on the site well over a year ago.

Got something even more idiotic? Send it as a comment and I’ll add it to this growing list!

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