The Best … Bolognese Sauce

/ Updated on March 19, 2021

Celebrated New York chef/restaurateur Ciro Verdi is no more at Touch of Italy, but his bolognese sauce lives on. I even get it on the Chicken Parm. Go figure.

BUT A VERY CLOSE SECOND now belongs to Lupo Italian Kitchen in downtown RB in the Hotel Rehoboth. Try both. Take a Lipitor then post your thoughts.

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  1. Avatar SheriReho says:

    This may not compete with the ones you chose, but I do believe that the Miltonian has an excellent Bolognese!

  2. Avatar Eric Ruth says:

    Reminds me of the time I was “researching” to find the restaurant with the best Bolognese, and stopped by Mrs. Robino’s in Wilmington. Asked if they had a Bolognese dish, and the nice man said, “What is that, some kind of French food?”

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      That’s hilarious, Eric. I might have to add that person’s comment under “The Best .. Idiotic Comments” section!

    • Avatar Joe Minuti says:

      I just happened to read your comment I’ve owned Mrs Robino’s since 1969 my grandmother opened it in 1940.We have used the same recipe in all of the 76 years that we’ve been in business

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