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Pat’s Pizza

/ Updated on June 26, 2022

The Lewes installation of Pat's Pizza occupies the space next to Bling Salon and Spa where the old Five Guys used be be. Pat's has over 50 locations in DE, NJ, MD and PA.

Owners Alex Kotanides and John Diamond share the duties of running this and their other Pat's in Dover, though it makes sense that Lewes resident Alex would spend most of his time at this location. They are apparently in the process of rebranding themselves as “Pat's Family Restaurant” rather than just plain ol' Pat's Pizzeria. That probably explains the extensive menu. OK, enough chitchat. Let's get down to business.

It's still very much about the pizza at Pat's. On our most recent visit we ordered the large (16″X16″) with all pepperoni, half sausage and half mushroom. It is square rather than round, and the toppings and cheese are generous. The cheese is mild and creamy. The sausage needs more of an Italian kick. It isn't breakfast sausage (mercifully), but it could still use more Italian spices to stand up against the rest of the toppings. The pepperoni slices are thin and curl up nicely in the oven. The mushrooms are sliced vertically, which makes for a slightly larger piece and a nice ‘shroomy mouth feel.

The crust has a pleasantly yeasty taste, and though I love a crispy crust, Pat's does a nice job in the bread department. Indeed, the “bite” on the bottom and the perimeter actually improves if the pizza is cooked a little longer. So I suggest you order your pizza slightly well done so the crust will have a little more personality. And that's never a bad thing where cheese is concerned.

On one visit I had the Combo Club Sandwich. It's served on your choice of white, wheat or rye toast, and has a reasonable amount of turkey, ham and bacon. Again, it isn't quite as tall and proud as depicted on the menu, but it is neatly presented (with fries) and the ingredients are fresh. And they cut it into cute little triangles like they're supposed to. You can get pretty much any of the club sandwich fillings in a wrap or as a cold sub. My non-carnivorous dining companion ordered the Veggie Wrap and she liked it. Interestingly, neither the veggie sub nor the veggie wrap include cheese. I guess that's a vegan thing.

Speaking of fries, Pat's are quite good, under one condition: Order them well done! As a frozen product (albeit a high quality one), they are much better taste and texture-wise if they are allowed to brown to a nice creaminess on the inside and a delightful crunch on the outside. Every time we have asked for them well done they have been perfect. Hey guys, why not just cook them that way for everybody? They're really better.

Pat's has a long list of salads. You can't get a small dinner salad as a side, and the small salad is actually quite generous an appetizer. But they will happily divide the small salad into two side portions, the perfect size to keep you busy while your pizza cooks.

The large salad is a dinner size and is served with your choice of the always tasty Ken's dressings. Pat's is justifiably proud of their soups, and apparently make them fresh in the store (or at least that's what they told me). You can read about their soup du jour on their Facebook page. We had the Maryland Crab Soup the other night, along with a salad and it was quite good. The soups may be the sleeper there, and can make for a nice warm lunch on a breezy, damp day.

I keep getting emails about the lasagne at Pat's. It's hard to get past that Sicilian/Greek-style pizza, but I finally did it. Not only is it a generous serving, but everything, including the sauce, is made in-house. Lots of ricotta, meat and cheese, and the price is half of what you will pay in downtown Rehoboth Beach. And it's obvious that it is baked to order. This is certainly meant to be comfort food, so order up and dig in. And the good news is that you will not have to eat again for a few days. Convenient!

Pat's delivers, and they also make group lunches, platters and party trays. One thing I have to tell you is that every time we've visited (5 times to date), the young ladies behind the register have been very friendly and enthusiastic. So many places start out like this, and after a while everybody is wearing a frown and has come down with selective deafness. I really hope that doesn't happen at Pat's as it has at other sandwich shops around here. (Alex' continued presence will hopefully nip that in the bud.) Several times during each of our visits they came out from behind the counter to clear our plates and ask if all was OK. Nice touch!

They also have wings, dinner platters, strombolis, calzones, oven-baked sandwiches, your basic pasta dishes and the standard list of fried appetizers. I must admit that sometimes I just have to have a jalapeño popper.

Pat's Family Restaurant is at 17644 Coastal Highway between Home Depot and Lowes, across from Burton's Lewes AutoMall. They share a little strip center with Bling Salon. You can see the shopping center's ridiculously bright lighted sign glaring at you from about 100 miles away. Don't stare at it: You'll go blind and run your car off the road.

If you're coming from the south, you'll have to execute a death-defying U-turn to double-back, so bring your “A” game if you're visiting from the Rehoboth end of things. They are open Mondays thru Thursdays 10-10, Fridays and Saturdays 10-11 and Sundays 11-10. You can order to-go by calling (302) 644-9070. You can also see the menu and order online by clicking here. They do not serve alcohol. (L., D.) Price range: Inexpensive +.

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  1. Avatar Vicky says:

    Pat’s is one of the few places where I’m never disappointed with their pizza. Even better is that the meatball topping is actually sliced meatballs, not simply ground meat. Good reliable delivery as well.

  2. Avatar Cindi says:

    My office orders from Pats in Lewes at least 2-3 times a week and usually things are good but not today ! We placed our order on line at 11:00am and got our response at 11:10 am(which I have printed up ) So at 12:20 I called to speak with the manager since we had not gotten our order yet and he ARGUED with me that the order was placed at 11:30- WRONG !! When I told him we were very disappointed and that we were good clients- he said You and everyone else !! He said we would get it soon. I asked him what he was going to do for us since we order all the time and he said that it was only 47 minutes and I again told him we placed our order at 11 AM and that it was now one hour and 25 minutes and he still insisted I was wrong. He said to be patient,the food was on the way. It was delivered at 12:30- 90 minutes after the order was placed and with NO apology at all !!!!

  3. Avatar Darren says:

    This is the “go to” place for consistently great food. I have never, and I mean never, had anything from Pat’s that was less than delicious. They staff is always very accommodating and friendly. I agree it’s tough to come away from the pizza but once you do you will enter another dimension of food heaven….

  4. Avatar Barbara says:

    We order quite frequently from Pat’s. Delivery is right on time, delivery people are the best. The Italian food is some of the best and I’m Italian. Love the meatballs and lasagna! Good food for the price! Highly recommend!

  5. Avatar Cathy says:

    You’re right about the crust, Foodie. I always ask for an extra 5 minutes in the oven for a crispy crust. But we do love the fast and friendly takeout service. And you can’t beat the price for 2 large with 3 toppings each, for under $30.

  6. Avatar Rampaige says:

    Good pizza and salads. Delivery was fast especially for a Friday evening in August. Tried online ordering as a new customer, but the system would not accept our address as valid. When I finally found their phone number, the server kept saying that our address needed a 5 digit house number. This house has been here for 35+ years with a four digit number. A manager finally helped out and we could place the order. Recommend calling in your order rather than using the online component.

  7. Avatar JA says:

    Their pizza is quite good and I am so happy they deliver. Unfortunately, they have messed up my delivery order on two occasions and both times when I called, they were quite rude about the situation.

  8. Avatar Sam reklaw says:

    I went there and tried their Calzones. It was nicely browned and had a very large portion of cheese inside. It was also nice and hot. Unfortunately I didn’t like their sauce at all. I would not try anything at all in there that has their sauce in it. It had a spice that I could not identify and much too much of whatever it was. I would try their cheese steak though next time I go.

  9. Avatar Rick says:

    Please, please! Turn down the intensitey of your sign in the morning. I drive through the fog, dark, in heavy morning traffic in the dark and your sign blinds me. I know there is a law about this. If I get into an an accidenet, well…!

  10. Avatar Always Hungry says:

    Pat’s Pizza is a better name because “Family Restaurant” says nothing, at least nothing that relates to eating. But it’s a friendly, upbeat place with pretty good food. I hope it lasts, and the Foodie is right that other places start out great and then lose interest. PrimoHoagies’ comes to mind…

  11. Avatar Bill Staiger says:

    We decided to have lunch there yesterday. Rick had the pizza special which was 2 square pieces of pizza and a soda. He liked the pizza very much. I got a “steak sandwich” which consisted of steak meat without the cheese, and I added fried onions and spaghetti sauce. She gave me a choice of what kind of sauce I wanted. When the sandwich came out it had a small plastic container of sauce which I was able to put on as I wanted. No complaints, very good. Comments: Fast service. Place order, pay, they give you a number to put on your table and they deliver to the table. I especially liked the fact that the silverware you get (serve yourself) was real silverware, not plastic spoons. The plates they serve the food to you on are real, not paper. The place seems really nice. We definitely will go there again. Business seemed upbeat during the 1/2 hour we were there.

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