Twice Baked Closes

/ Updated on January 14, 2018

Pam Minhas' second location of her Baked concept closed its doors on Friday, 12/29. Her original “Baked” bakery/sandwich shop/coffee shop in Dewey beach is very successful, most certainly due to the huge amount of summer foot traffic at her location across from The Starboard. Sadly, that sort of activity was lacking in Harbor Square; the slightly set-back-from-the-road location on Coastal Highway where the Starbucks used to be. Starbucks' powerful brand recognition overcame the inherent issues.

We are sad to see her go, but happy that the Dewey Beach Baked will be up and running as usual in summer 2018.

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  1. Avatar Margaret M. says:

    So sorry to see them fold. Location was a factor, no doubt. The food was original and delicious and the service and staff were excellent. I will have to make special trips to Dewey but it will be worth it.

  2. Avatar nan martino says:

    I wish her the best— business is really hard in this town. …

  3. Avatar Jake O says:

    I loved this place for what they offered the people north on the highway, but as the months went by the hours got shorter and the goods got leaner and less appealing…

  4. Avatar Thomas says:

    Very sad. Loved this place and all the tasty treats they offered. A local cafe is far more appealing to me than the chain “star” shop. Dewey is a bit out of the way for my morning coffee, but I wish them continued success and I will be there when I need a fine baked treat.

  5. Avatar Ronald Bass says:

    While always sorry to see a business fail, I think food quality and service may have been a factor. I visited 3 times. Excellent first visit, though limited selection. Second visit, personnel could not describe the food correctly or run the register without major problems. Food just OK. Third visit, food incorrrectly described by staff, again could not work the register without problems and had to toss the food out it was so bad. Wrote the owner and never went back.

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