Bushels OPEN

/ Updated on July 31, 2020

Anthony and Chris Jacona of Zogg's, the Sea Hogg Truck and the Wheelhouse have taken over Lazy Susan's Hot Fat Crabs, the long-time crabhouse  on Coastal Highway near Lewes. The new venture is open and is called Bushels Crab House & Seafood.

CLICK HERE to meet Wheelhouse GM Mike Cosgrove and Event Manager Shondelle Graulich on the podcast of their appearance on the radio with The Rehoboth Foodie a few weeks ago.

The new concept remains with crabs, but adding a hint of Zogg's popular Key West-flavored menu. Scroll through the photo gallery to see more!

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  1. Avatar John Neal says:

    As only one couple out of many, manyy long time customers of Lazy Susan’s, we quietly observed the decline following the death of the owner. We tried to be supportive into year 2019, but were told, when we inquired last year about price and crab quality, and told the problem was due to outside factors. Apparently not. In any event, the few recent reviews does not bode well for the new owners that must have a dandy mortgage. We will let further reviews guide us in determining whether visit Bushels. IMHO, crab houses are a cut-throat business with a product that is numerically stressed by annual finite numbers and high prices.

  2. Avatar Rick Poppleton says:

    We ordered a dozen of extra large crabs Friday night 6/28. Very disappointed -I have eaten crabs in restaurants hundreds of times – A couple of these were Almost large size and the rest Medium- light in weight and in meat. Extra large crabs should be at least large – these had small claws, not enough crabmeat in three of them to make a small crab cake. Cost was $155, server on a raised platter And no paper on the table, just a rubber placemat that made cracking the claws more difficult, no Paper towels, just napkins. Server was nice and I expressed my opinion with respect to him and said I realize it’s not your fault concerning the crabs. He did the best he could with these little crustaceans! We will not return

  3. Avatar Charlotte Duffy says:

    Crabs were terrible. Got mediums & they were so small plus blackish in color on back side that should have been whitish. Complained & were told their mediums r small ones. Had 2 rotten smelling ones that they replaced & were better. Waitress was great but crabs not worth the money. Not up to Lazy Susan’s standards. Will not b back.

  4. Avatar Gail Brion says:

    I wish them well. but Lazy’s will be a tough act to follow!!!

  5. Avatar Ray Scott says:

    Looking forward to dining here. Tommy Engel is a friend and we wish him all the luck with his new venture. I’m from Maryland and like most Marylanders love picking them crabs plus other selections.

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