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In late summer 2019, the ornate purple Victorian building located between Heirloom and 2nd St. Tavern on Savannah Road became Raas: An Asian/Indian fusion restaurant. Owned by a group of Lewes doctors that includes Lewes urologist  Dr. Ramachandra Hosmane and his cardiologist son Vinay, the building was returned to its original light blue and white motif. The owners were fortunate to secure Chef GG Gupta to handle the kitchen duties and the fusion of Asian, Thai, Indian and Caribbean cooking. GG has become a bit of a celebrity, greeting guests around the room and treating some to special off-menu goodies when things aren't busy.

I was honored to be invited to a pre-opening media/friends & family party, along with Cape Gazette Publisher Dennis Forney and his wife Becky, advice columnist Michael Hurd, Ph.D., Heirloom Executive Chef Matt Kern, Karen and Tony Sposato, Rob and Lorna Arlett, the Drs. Hosmane and others. I recently attended yet another meet & greet in January 2020. A fun event, and resulted in some new photos for the gallery. Take a look!

Chef GG has put a number of interesting dishes on the menu, some of which are viewable in the gallery. One of my favorites there at Raas is the Keema Pao side (though I tell you it could be a main course!). Think of it as a lamb sloppy joe with an Indian accent. I get it every time. We also love the naan at Raas, and if Chef GG is in the mood he occasionally tops it with a very thin layer of cheese. Think white pizza (a la Pines of Rome in Bethesda, Md. for those of you who follow that sort of thing) but with a whole new spice structure. Salmon lovers love the tandoori-roasted version, beautifully spiced and charred to perfection. Don't miss the fried okra dish, either.

I can tell you that the flavors are well curated, with intense tastes and aromas reminiscent of Indian, but with other influences as well. Lucas, our server (now star bartender!), is a transplant from Maine and was efficient and extremely friendly. The restaurant is a very pleasant experience on many levels.

Raas is located between Heirloom and 2nd St. Tavern on Savannah Road between 2nd and 3rd Streets. See the current menu HERE.

Scroll through the image gallery to get a look at some of the dishes. Raas is open for lunch and dinner. Hours and days change in the off season. so be sure to call! (302) 644-1747

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  1. Avatar Lin Schmidt says:

    Absolutely outstanding meal at Raas tonight! My review is on the Facebook page.

  2. Avatar Jan says:

    On the occasion of a couple of birthdays, I went with a small family group and sat at a table on the front porch overlooking the Zwaanandael museum on a perfectly balmy evening. All of us raved over our various dinners, but were too full to sample the desserts. Chef GG came by to welcome us and answer our questions. I asked if he makes a vegetarian thali to share, since a fellow vegetarian friend and I would be very interested in ordering one on a future visit. He said he loves to make vegetarian dishes (I enjoyed the food I ordered off the menu!), has plenty of ingredients at the ready and gave me his card, telling me if we call him ahead of time, he’d be happy to make us something special. Oh, yes, I’ll be back with my friend when she comes home from India.

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