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/ Updated on April 29, 2018

Cafe Azafran has returned to Lewes in a somewhat abbreviated form as Olive & Oats by Azafran. Breakfast is served from 8 -11, lunch until 3, then they will be open for coffee, cappuccinos, etc. until 4. Fans of the original Azafran in Lewes will recognize a number of items on the menu. Former tenant in that spot, Patty Gandy Jacobs, chose to focus her time on her popular Patty's Georgetown carryout in Georgetown.

The Steele family's Olive & Oats has moved into that space at 113 Market St. (where Half Full used to be before Patty's came in) – right next door to Cafe Azafran's very first location now occupied by The Gate House. The Rehoboth Cafe Azafran will remain open and busy as usual.

Olive & Oats by Azafran is very similar to the original Lewes Azafran with breakfast, coffees, teas, desserts and other goodies for which they are so well known. They have even managed to get a substantial amount of seating in there. So those of you who complained that Azafran left Lewes, they're back! Of course, the space is only 500 sq.ft, so full-service dinners and entertainment will still be at the Rehoboth Beach mothership on Baltimore Avenue.

Congratulations Richard & Ryan Steele & Family!

(Abbey Road-esque photo in the gallery is courtesy The Buzzlette. Sometimes there are just no words. Don't worry – if you don't get it, you don't get it. Move on.)

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  1. Avatar Amy Feinberg says:

    One of my favorite places! fantastic breakfast sandwiches. yogurt with home made granola, great lunches, just perfect food!

  2. Avatar kathy davison says:

    So glad to have them in the neighborhood! Had a great breakfast there last week. I miss Patty’s, but glad to have something from Azafran back in Lewes!

  3. Avatar Lynne says:

    So happy Azafran is back in Lewes. It was a favorite!

  4. Avatar Dabouek says:

    The Oatmeal is the best!

  5. Avatar Ellen says:

    So excited to have Azafran back in Lewes! Love their coffee and hope they bring the baked oatmeal back with them 🙂

  6. Avatar BJ says:

    We always enjoyed Azafran and was sad to see them leave Lewes we really missed them.. So happy to have them back in town. Food was always great!
    We went to Pat’s just about every Sunday and always enjoyed the coffee and treats. Always fresh. We will miss Patty and Dawn who always made us feel very at home and welcomed. The other staff members were also so friendly. Sorry Patty to see you leave.

  7. Avatar arlene matzkin says:

    Three cheers for this excellent idea.

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