Leo’s ModMix $20 Fridays

/ Updated on December 31, 2016

Modern Mixture's Leo Cabrera is so excited to be back in Rehoboth Beach full time that he has put together a special Friday night prix fixe dinner with side(s) of margarita! And it's only $20!

If you haven't yet tried this place (really?!), now's the time.

The first course starts with a taste of Leo's classic marg, along with one of his smooth and delicious jalapeno, sofrito and cheese tamales; octopus ceviche, Mexican corn and a creamy falafel. Course #2 starts with a pomegranate marg followed by a fall salad. Course #3 (changes every week!) is introduced with a jalapeno/basil marg along with either seared scallops w/Mexican risotto & manchego, or a 12 oz. porterhouse pork chop, or achiote-rubbed chicken, chicken or pork enchiladas verdes or a veggie alambre.  Dessert kicks off with a horchata marg and your choice of flan cheesecake, churro cake with cinnamon vanilla ice cream, Leo's famous tres leches bread pudding or the Modern Mixture fried ice cream.

Don't hesitate to call on Fridays to find out what course #3 will be. The entree of the week will also be posted on Modern Mixture's Facebook page.

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