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Miyagi Ramen Bar

/ Updated on March 21, 2024

This restaurant started out strong, but has become unpredictable. Comments from guests and my own experience, suggests that attempts at economy have affected the food and service there.

If you are looking for a good Asian-flavored restaurant with a creative menu, I suggest you try Sticky Rice in Lewes. Fresher and better prepared food.

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  1. Avatar Shumel Stein says:

    Last night was our fourth (4th) time this year, 2108, we have dined here and it was our least favourite experience with the wait staff.

    I just do not like it when ordering appetizers and they arrive, then three (3) minutes later they are bringing out the entrees… Just felt rushed and under appreciated for our dining time.

    After being asked about having an additional condiment twice with our meal and saying ‘no thank you’, the third request we just said okay to get the question from being asked again (seemed like the waiter would not accept NO for an answer.)

    While my spouse was very generous on the gratuity, 60% where I thought 15% was sufficient for the service provided. btw the waiter stood in the area behind our table to see what we were leaving as a gratuity, which I thought was creepy and dis-respectful and spying. But that is just me and my thoughts.

    I recommend instead of ordering your meal up front, order course by course just to avoid the feeling of being rushed or the possible lack of training in the serving department.

    The food was good, otherwise.

  2. Avatar Ryan says:

    Well good was ok but holy crap the waitress wow first she pocketed my bill that i was going to split between cash and card.my bill was 30 dollars I put a 20 dollar bill and even told her rest on card so she pockets the 20 bill and chargers me the whole amount.

  3. Avatar Catherine says:

    I can’t wait! I eat with my eyes, and your photos look divine!
    Do you know if the gyoza/potsticker dough is homemade?

  4. Avatar jim says:

    do you know if they will have a vegetarian broth option?

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Not only WILL they have it, they DO have it. The Vegetable kelp seaweed broth is quite tasty. I suspect you can get it as a substitute for the chicken broth in any of the dishes.

  5. Avatar Steve says:

    I’m so looking forward to the opening! I got a sneak peak at the inside and it looks amazing! The food will surely please. If you live at the Delaware beaches or are visiting anytime soon, make sure you check out Miyagi! You won’t be disappointed!

  6. Avatar Marcy says:

    When are you opening?

  7. Avatar Amy Bain says:

    YES!! So excited…. I spent a year in Philly and let me tell you I hope you can compare to Terakawa Ramen. The bowls are huge and the meat ( PORK ) melts in your mouth.. I have become so fond of ramen and my experience with this dish in Philly as well as New York has been a treat. If so, you’ll have regulars waiting out the door for your dish all days of the week. The skies the limit! Very excited to try yours!

  8. Avatar Rob Doyle says:

    Grew up in Ha. ’60s ’70s I need my ramen! The duck sounds great.

  9. Avatar Susan says:

    I love you duck noodles ! Will you have them? Do your noodles have a lot of carbs in them? What’s the difference in yours except wonderful taste… then the ones they warn us not to eat because they don’t digest?

  10. Avatar Charlie says:

    When is Miyagi planning on opening? Can’t wait. The last Ramen restaurant I enjoyed was in New York called Ivan Ramen. Yum

  11. Avatar Karen Aszman says:

    Will Mr. Kim include Duck Noodles on the menu? I used to have that for lunch frequently many years ago when I lived in Singapore. Miss them so much! Looking forward to this!

  12. Avatar Ramen Lover says:

    This is fantastic. I am so excited. You didn’t mention pork. I hope they have tonkotsu ramen with that emulsified rich thick pork broth! It is the best. Have never had beef in ramen, but it could be good.

    If anybody has their doubts about ramen or has never had real ramen… Check out Tampopo, Ramen Girl or watch the Chef’s Table (on Netflix) episode about Ivan Ramen.

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