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Miyagi Ramen Bar

/ Updated on February 12, 2020

The owner of this restaurant makes it perfectly clear: “These are not the Ramen noodles you buy in the store and throw into boiling water, We make these entirely from scratch with our own, proprietary recipe. We will serve the real thing.” The decor at Miyagi Ramen Bar is a hi-tech/industrial look so popular nowadays and shared with national chain Chipotle and local SoDel Concepts pizza joint Crust & Craft. It's hard to believe that it is the same space that housed the overly cramped and rather poorly managed Saladworks.

Click here to listen to the podcast of Kim and Tammy on the Saturday, 7/22 Sip & Bite Show.

Every dish is appropriately spiced and presented (don't take my word for it – scroll through the gallery). We started with the pork gyoza (dumplings). Lightly seared, the wrapper is the right texture and the fillings are nicely spiced. We also had to try the Chashu Bun (pork belly on a steam bun). This was particularly good because the pork belly was thinly sliced and seared, thus eliminating the possibility of chewing on a glob of fat on an undercooked park lardon. The char and slicing made all the difference. We had two orders. Don't judge lest ye be judged.

One of our party of 4 had the signature dish, the Shio Ramen with chicken. The broth brought layers of flavor and in spite of the shio salt base (evaporated seawater salt), it was nicely balanced with a smooth, mild saltiness. A marinated egg, beautifully pickled ginger, nori and black garlic rounded out not only the visual experience but also the complex flavor palette. This is the perfect entry-level dish for the ramen-challenged. We would order it again in a minute.

I had the Spicy Miso Ramen bowl. The aggressive spice profile was simply delicious, and I sincerely hope that the owners don't give in to the spice wimps and mute this dish. It says spicy on the menu, so wimps be forewarned! But those of us who like personality on the end of our forks or spoons will love this nicely constructed entree. The obligatory egg made an appearance, along with a slice of that nicely charred pork, pickled ginger and bright green scallions.

One of our companions ordered the Chicken Katsu. A fried chicken cutlet is perched on a bed of rice surrounded by a cool cabbage salad with tomato and a donkatsu (simply referring to the fried cutlet) sauce. Those who wish to depart from the realm of ramen will like this simple, straightforward dish.

Another member of our group who is a vegetarian (at least for now) ordered the Vegan Ramen. As much as I tease him about his on-again-off-again eating proclivities, the vegetable kelp seaweed broth was delicious! The bowl was beautifully arranged with bright green broccoli, corn, cabbage strips, kikurage (mushroom) and menma (a Japanese condiment made from lactate-fermented bamboo shoots). Almost makes me want to murder some veggies and take up a meatless life – well, almost! There is a nice pic of the Vegan Ramen in the gallery.

We have been several times since this was first written and the service has matured greatly. Looks like the growing pains are over and Miyagi Ramen Bar has hit the ground running. Don't miss the softshell crab app if it is on the menu (it IS seasonal, after all). It was delicious and very cleverly presented as to be a tempting finger food.

Prices range from $8 to about $19. Miyagi Ramen Bar is located at 19266 Coastal Highway in the Safeway shopping center in Rehoboth. They share the center with Palate Bistro & Catering. Double-check their hours at 302-567-2835.

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19266 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth – in the Safeway Center


Open noon -10
Open noon -10
Happy Hour 4 to 6 at the bar: $3 Sapporo draft, $5 hot sake, $5 house wine and $5 apps!
Open noon -10
Happy Hour 4 to 6 at the bar: $3 Sapporo draft, $5 hot sake, $5 house wine and $5 apps!
Open noon -10
Happy Hour 4 to 6 at the bar: $3 Sapporo draft, $5 hot sake, $5 house wine and $5 apps!
Open noon -10
Happy Hour 4 to 6 at the bar: $3 Sapporo draft, $5 hot sake, $5 house wine and $5 apps!
Open noon -10
Happy Hour 4 to 6 at the bar: $3 Sapporo draft, $5 hot sake, $5 house wine and $5 apps!
Open noon -10
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  1. Avatar Shumel Stein says:

    Last night was our fourth (4th) time this year, 2108, we have dined here and it was our least favourite experience with the wait staff.

    I just do not like it when ordering appetizers and they arrive, then three (3) minutes later they are bringing out the entrees… Just felt rushed and under appreciated for our dining time.

    After being asked about having an additional condiment twice with our meal and saying ‘no thank you’, the third request we just said okay to get the question from being asked again (seemed like the waiter would not accept NO for an answer.)

    While my spouse was very generous on the gratuity, 60% where I thought 15% was sufficient for the service provided. btw the waiter stood in the area behind our table to see what we were leaving as a gratuity, which I thought was creepy and dis-respectful and spying. But that is just me and my thoughts.

    I recommend instead of ordering your meal up front, order course by course just to avoid the feeling of being rushed or the possible lack of training in the serving department.

    The food was good, otherwise.

  2. Avatar Ryan says:

    Well good was ok but holy crap the waitress wow first she pocketed my bill that i was going to split between cash and card.my bill was 30 dollars I put a 20 dollar bill and even told her rest on card so she pockets the 20 bill and chargers me the whole amount.

  3. Avatar Matthew R Frigm says:

    WONDERFUL experience. Never thought we’d be passionate about noodles.

    It was new food for my wife and me, but Nicola explained everything in a funny, fun, informed way that made the whole time about more than just the food. He’s intense and passionate about the food, and he makes you feel the same way.

    Our business will take us to Rehoboth again in two weeks, and Miyagi is definitely where we’re having dinner.

  4. Avatar Tom Schwab says:

    My family recently dined here for the first time.Service was excellent. Noodles were exceptional. Server was well informed in explaining the various dishes. My brother-in-law found the Thai curry dish fantastic. Everyone enjoyed the Chashu Buns. Very high marks for this new entry into the Rehoboth Beach dining scene.

  5. Avatar Jan says:

    LOVE the food here. There are not many restaurants in the area that feed my vegetarian soul. Had gyoza (The waiter was helpful to point out that the gyoza was vegetarian, not vegan–okay with me!) & the vegan ramen bowl with EXTRA pickled ginger (I’m a ginger gal!) even though the dish comes with plenty. I will be back for more soon!

  6. Avatar Darren says:

    I visited this evening (Tuesday..may need to update the site as it says closed) with my family of five and had a wonderful dinner. I had the spicy ramen and I must agree that this should not be tamed down at all it was delicious as is. My daughter had the vegan ramen and she really enjoyed it (although one of the eggs mistakenly found its way in there and was promptly removed by my vegan) the dumplings, both vegetarian and pork were also delicious and an order of the chicken katsu was well received as well. We will definitely be back.

  7. Avatar Lynn Davis says:

    Enjoyed a wonderful dinner here on Thursday Aug 10. Food and service were excellent. The chef confirmed that the Ramen broth taste so good because it is made from scratch. Not a bit salty like store bought Ramen. A great meal at a great price. Yummy

  8. Avatar Catherine says:

    I can’t wait! I eat with my eyes, and your photos look divine!
    Do you know if the gyoza/potsticker dough is homemade?

  9. Avatar jim says:

    do you know if they will have a vegetarian broth option?

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Not only WILL they have it, they DO have it. The Vegetable kelp seaweed broth is quite tasty. I suspect you can get it as a substitute for the chicken broth in any of the dishes.

    • Avatar Lynn Davis says:

      i have had the vegetable on 5 occasions to date. They should bottle it! Absolutely delicious.

  10. Avatar Steve says:

    I’m so looking forward to the opening! I got a sneak peak at the inside and it looks amazing! The food will surely please. If you live at the Delaware beaches or are visiting anytime soon, make sure you check out Miyagi! You won’t be disappointed!

  11. Avatar Marcy says:

    When are you opening?

  12. Avatar Amy Bain says:

    YES!! So excited…. I spent a year in Philly and let me tell you I hope you can compare to Terakawa Ramen. The bowls are huge and the meat ( PORK ) melts in your mouth.. I have become so fond of ramen and my experience with this dish in Philly as well as New York has been a treat. If so, you’ll have regulars waiting out the door for your dish all days of the week. The skies the limit! Very excited to try yours!

  13. Avatar Rob Doyle says:

    Grew up in Ha. ’60s ’70s I need my ramen! The duck sounds great.

  14. Avatar Susan says:

    I love you duck noodles ! Will you have them? Do your noodles have a lot of carbs in them? What’s the difference in yours except wonderful taste… then the ones they warn us not to eat because they don’t digest?

  15. Avatar Charlie says:

    When is Miyagi planning on opening? Can’t wait. The last Ramen restaurant I enjoyed was in New York called Ivan Ramen. Yum

  16. Avatar Karen Aszman says:

    Will Mr. Kim include Duck Noodles on the menu? I used to have that for lunch frequently many years ago when I lived in Singapore. Miss them so much! Looking forward to this!

  17. Avatar Ramen Lover says:

    This is fantastic. I am so excited. You didn’t mention pork. I hope they have tonkotsu ramen with that emulsified rich thick pork broth! It is the best. Have never had beef in ramen, but it could be good.

    If anybody has their doubts about ramen or has never had real ramen… Check out Tampopo, Ramen Girl or watch the Chef’s Table (on Netflix) episode about Ivan Ramen.

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