Royal Prime Steakhouse

/ May 12, 2024

Royal Prime Steakhouse & Lounge is a popular spot at the Bally's Casino complex in Dover. Bally's acquired the Dover Downs Casino in November, 2021. The restaurant is 2 levels, with top-notch fine dining AND a plush lounge featuring twin pianos as part of the nightly entertainment.

Like its predecessor Michelle's, Royal Prime is spread out across 2 floors. The attractive bar (with twin pianos providing entertainment) is on the lobby level of the hotel side of the casino. It has a very friendly bar, and is modeled after similar steakhouse watering holes like The Palm restaurants in NYC and Del Frisco's in Philly. There is also a big bar upstairs and nicely private booths. There are also some tables for larger parties. The layout of the upstairs is across three rooms, so one doesn't get the feeling of being in a big room.

The menu has several big surprises that are quite good. One is the thick-cut bacon with a pineapple/rum glaze. [see it in the gallery]  It is delicious, and properly cooked (as pork belly should be) to a nice crisp. I know wedges have been done, but the Wedhe at Royal Prime stands tall and proud. And it's loaded with lots of goodies and dressing. At the moment the menu includes a Cowboy Steak (bone-in ribeye that is thickly cut), a New York Strip and a regular ribeye. I've had the regular ribeye twice so far and it is exceptional in both texture and taste. Royal Prime Steakhouse sources its meats from Delaware's own Diamond State Meats, so the quality is consistent.

One of the reasons why Royal Prime Steakhouse hit the ground running in the depths of the off season is that it is operated under the watchful eye of Rich Furino, former GM for Philly's award-winning DelFrisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse. Royal Prime was conceived by Touch of Italy owner Bob Ciprietti who is a major fan of fine steakhouses (he introduced me to Peter Luger's in Brooklyn). He, Furino and the rest of the team there are working hard to bring that level of quality to Dover.

Take a look at the nicely presented Shrimp Cocktail and the delicious Mac & 5 Cheeses side in the gallery.

Royal Prime Steakhouse & Lounge is located at 1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE in the Bally's Dover Casino. Reservations may be had by calling (302) 857-2200. I will add a rating scale after visiting again. I don't apply ratings until I've been to a restaurant at least 3 times. Call for hours. They are still varied due to the off season.

Check the website and menu by clicking HERE.

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  1. Avatar Catherine Oneal says:

    Oh so glad to hear about the opening at Dover Downs we go every year to celebrate Thanksgiving the 10 of us 5 brothers and wives.
    Of course we’re also there for the fun but getting together each year is special so really hope you will be opening for Thanksgiving will be great looking forward to eating at your restaurant.
    Thank you Catherine Oneal.

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