Early Returns on New Turtle

/ Updated on August 2, 2014

I love it that Foodie fans email me with their thoughts/opinions — especially about places I have not yet had time to review. One of my long-time, trusted Foodie Fans (I'll refer to him at “Hoyte” to protect his privacy) sent this info about the new Greene Turtle on Rehoboth Avenue:

“These guys did a nice job converting what had become a dingy venue on the prime time first beach block of Rehoboth Avenue. More importantly, we were able to find two really healthy meals in the ‘Specials' insert to the standard GT menu. We shared a perfectly prepared plate of Ahi tuna, just kissed on the grill, over a bed of tasty coleslaw. We also got the Rasta Chicken Salad. Again grilled with a modest jerk on a field of greens and other veggie salad ingredients. Washed this good-for-you stuff down with a couple fruit-based unsweetened ice teas. Great meal! Got right in! Still had cash in my pocket when I left!”

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