Dagwood’s Open

/ Updated on September 18, 2016

After what seemed like forever, Dagwood's Deli is open in the little commercial center at Paynter's Mill in Milton. The menu includes breakfast items, cold and hot subs, burgers, wings, soups, pizza, Vanderwende's ice cream and, of course, sandwiches. Dagwood's delivers within a 5-mile radius of their location there on Cave Neck Road. Live in Milton or nearby? Stay in your bunny slippers and call them at 302-703-2621. $10 minimum delivery order plus a $3 delivery fee. Heck, you'd use that up in gas.

The restaurant is to the left of the former location of The Kitchen, now (sadly) the stuff of history. Terry Bratton and Patty Scanio operate the 24-seat deli specializing in Dietz & Watson meats and cheeses. Informal items include their special steak pizziola, cheesesteaks and pizza on the weekends.

I like their sense of humor. They say that they are NOT fast food, but that they are “tastefully convenient cuisine.” Cute.

Hours are 11-7 Turs-Fri, 8-7 Sat and 9-1 Sun. They are closed Monday.

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