Get Gooey in Milton

/ Updated on May 17, 2015

Gooey Donuts is up and running in the Food Lion shopping center on Rt. 16 in Milton. Seaford native and co-owner Doug Ingram offers about 24 hand-dipped, made-to-order cake donuts available at any point, coffee, bottled drinks and ice cream. It's pretty informal in there, with very little to look at other than donuts, toppings and drinks. Well, that's why you're going there, right?

In a totally self-sacrificial move for my readers, I stopped by there the other day and got a vanilla-coated and a chocolate chip coated. I have to say they were quite good. Quite good.

Doug's partner there at the shop is Debbie Rundstrom from North Cape May. Call 302-260-0936 or check them out on Facebook.

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  1. Avatar MJ Ostinato says:

    The donuts here are SO GOOD! I’m not even a big donut-lover and I love these. Last weekend my husband brought home a fresh maple-bacon donut, as you can imagine it was totally sinful. They only have cake donuts now, but will be adding yeast donuts soon.

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