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/ Updated on December 20, 2016

GoBrit! owner and long-time Rehoboth Beach resident Alison Blyth is no stranger to Rehoboth Beach dining. This seasoned restaurateur is responsible for the storied La La Land (and its magical bar), as well as the pan-Asian flavored Yum Yum (both long gone). Her authentic fish + chip shop, GoFish!, is just steps from the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk and is always busy.

It's no secret that it can be a challenge for Lewes residents, visitors and highway dwellers in general to brave the in-season downtown traffic, the crowds, the parade of J-walkers. the police radar lurking around every corner, and the 25¢ for 12 minutes parking meters — all of which contribute so much to the charm of downtown Rehoboth Beach. So if you can't bring the people to the fried cod, then you bring the fried cod to the people.

GoBrit! has taken over that old Deli 88 space in a big way. Huge lighted signs beckon to southbound traffic and also directly out onto the highway. Colorful graphics of London's telephone boxes greet you at the door. The place is cheerful, bright, and always busy. Did anyone expect anything less of our favorite Limey?

The menu for this adventurous franchise prototype is very similar to the mothership in Rehoboth Beach.

My favorite is The Codfather. A crunchy chunk of light and flaky cod is nestled in a delicious bun that's smooth and shiny on the outside with a crisp and toasty inside. It envelops the contents to make for a delicious bite. The dish includes cole slaw, which I urge you to spoon onto the top of the fish before assembling the sandwich. The cool crunch of the veggies against the warm fish surrounded by the toasted roll is not to be missed. At the risk of stirring up The Chronic Complainers (I love them, actually — they keep me in line!) it is indeed quite good.

Lose the roll, add shorty french fries (OK, chips, mate…) and you've got the Famous Beer Battered Fish + Chips. Mild tartar sauce and Lemon top it off. The same beer batter that encases the snow-white fish is also applied to fried shrimp, oysters, sausages, chicken breast and little crab cakes (crab balls, in fact). If you like the fish, you'll like these.

In keeping with the seriously British vibe, Alison has plopped a genuine antique Morris Minor (it's a car!) in the front corner. She pays proper homage to London's ubiquitous Indian influence with Tandoori Chicken Skewers (garlic-mint yogurt is on the side), English Chip Shop Curry Sauce and the East India Dock (tandoori chicken in a taco with chips). The mushy peas are creamy and delicious, and you can feel like one of the southern colonies by ordering the Tandoori Mushy Peas. There's no authentic Tandoori oven, of course, but the spices and sauces come close enough for an informal place with food served in paper that's printed like a London newspaper — you can actually read it.

In addition to standard fish + chip shop fare, the Homemade Shepherd's Pie is brightly spiced and quite filling. It's made with beef, by the way, not lamb. In keeping with the efficient franchise model, it is served in an aluminum baking casserole — but the taste is the same as that served at the mothership downtown.

Baked Fisherman's Pie (you'll like the creamy lobster sauce) and Bangers + Mash (flanked by mushy peas and English brown sauce) complete the British invasion.

One particularly British offering is the Chip Butty. Alison is concerned that this one's throwing everybody for a loop, and it probably is. It's pretty simple, really: Chips (fries) on a buttered and toasted roll. Period. An acquired taste, to be sure, but what's not to like? If you are feeling particularly MotherLandish, try it. Post a comment below.

Alison's Homemade English Sticky Toffee Pudding is a legend in these parts and is not to be missed. It's everything it sounds like it is. Trust your Foodie and order it.

Service is very friendly and hi-tech, with orders taken at a 3-station counter using iPads. You choose your meal from a bright flat-screen with animated photos of your lunch and dinner moving about. Connections with the kitchen are over wi-fi, and orders come flyin' out of there almost as quickly as the signals fly over the Internet.

As a franchise prototype, you can expect a few tweaks here and there, and some items (like the Prince William's Groom's Cake) may or may not be there when you visit (it's really good–get it soon).

Before this article was posted, the Foodie received several emails about the not-so-heavy-duty plastic utensils at GoBrit! Apparently several visitors to RehobothFoodie.com had to wrestle a Caesar Salad using less than effective tools. Well, as we expected, Alison was way ahead of us all. Solidly built forks and knives replaced the thinner ones.

After making over 10 visits so far, there have been very few (if any) missteps in the preparation, presentation or delivery of the product. This lady knows her stuff and she has a great staff. Let's hope they keep it up.

GoBrit! is directly across from Bethany Blues, in Coastal Plaza right next to the Verizon Store. You'll see the huge GoBrit! signs long before you see anything else. Call (302) 644-2250 for their off-season hours (they're usually open 'til at least 8 in the off-season). Click here for a look at the menu. (L., D.). Price range: Moderate +.

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Off-season Specials & Hours

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18388 Coastal Highway in Lewes
(302) 644-2250

Open 11-8
Open 11-8
Open 11-8
Open 11-8
Open 11-8
Open 11-9
Open 11-9
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  1. Avatar Char says:

    The fish & chips are, eh, fish and chips. I’m not impressed. Hubby got the Fisherman’s Pie and was very disappointed. I think they are way overpriced. My dad wants to go there while he’s up here from FL, so at least I know what to expect, lol.

  2. Avatar TB says:

    The food was very good and the service excellent. However, I believe it is too pricey to be served with plastic plates, utensils, and cups.

  3. Avatar fightingbluehen says:

    Fisherman’s pie was very dry and had virtually no sauce. Soft shell crab sandwich was Asian Mangrove Crab, a cheaper substitute for a blue crab. Wine and beer are pricey.
    Next time I will stick to the fish and chips and not order drinks. Cheers.

  4. Avatar Dearhawke says:

    Always wanted to try this place for lunch but it is too expensive for the average working guy @ over $10+. If they had a 7.95 special I would gladly try it and be there a few times a week!

  5. Avatar Bob Willis says:

    To give this a 10 for service is just plain wrong, there is no service. I can understand the concept here of serving yourself and busing your table when done,eating with plastic, etc. but the prices are the same as downtown.We had fried Oyster’s and clam’s for the app. the Oysters were so over cooked it was like having a mouthfull of rock’s, and the Clam’s were like eating stick’s. We had fish & chip’s for the main,The french fries were great that’s all I can say about that.
    Sorry Alison but I think you missed something here.

  6. Avatar Maryloumcfadden says:

    My husbands favorite food is fish and chips and we have visited the rehoboth ave location many times when we visit the area.basically. Have no complaints aout the food( I think i wrote a review in the past concerning the rehoboth beach location) . My only problem was with the topping on the sticky pudding,I guess it was supposed to be whipped cream but it tasted so fake,didn’t even taste like cool whip,it was bad and tasted chemical like,and it didn’t even melt on the warm pudding like whipped cream would…please ,the dessert deserves real whipped cream.

  7. Avatar BeachDad says:

    The food is good but they charge extra for things included at the Rehoboth Beach restaurant so what is the incentive to go the extra few miles from Rehoboth? A $15 dinner on wax paper with plastic table ware is not every appealing when going out for dinner.

  8. Avatar George says:

    we love the place, BUT! we have tried several times to tell the counter help that the fish is soaked with oil, either the oil temp is lowered with frying so many orders or they aren’t draining the fish as it comes out of the fryer. Today we had to soak up the oil with 3- 4 napkins please address this

  9. Avatar Luckymom says:

    Best fish and chips I have ever had. The mushy peas and desserts are NOT to be missed. So nice to have an alternative location from the first beach block for summer dining. Great job Allison!

  10. Avatar Tom in Lewes says:

    My wife and I live in Lewes have been there 4 times in the two weeks they’ve been open. The counter help are very friendly and nice and we love the food. Foodie…was that you in there Saturday night piling slaw on your fish sandwich? Gotcha!

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