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Beaches Seafood Market & Restaurant

/ Updated on June 11, 2019

Former Jimmy Lynn's customers Don and Lori Allan mourned the departure of Jimmy and Lynn Parks and their popular seafood market. The building was occupied for a VERY short time as Geyer's seafood, but closed as quickly as it opened. Paying homage to the Parks', Don and his wife Lori have had better luck, and when they first opened Don even feathered his nest wisely, bringing back none other than Jimmy and Lynn themselves to help out. But the Allans have been doing it on their own since then.

Click here to listen to Part 1 of The Rehoboth Foodie's LIVE  broadcast from Beaches on Saturday, June 10.

Click here to listen to Part 2 of The Rehoboth Foodie's LIVE  broadcast from Beaches on Saturday, June 10.

Beaches is a lot more than just a seafood market. The indoor restaurant area seats 30, and the huge deck out front not only seats 42 but also offers a panoramic view of B&B Music next door. Lynn has brought back her crabby eggs and her legendary cream of crab soup, though many of the recipes are from friends and family. The fish cases are stocked daily, and crabs are shipped in regularly from Maryland. Don borders on obsessive when it comes to the preparation of the crabs at Beaches. It has taken them a while to get the front-of-house service up to speed, but we hope that those growing pains are in the past.

Listen to Don & Lori talk to The Rehoboth Foodie on the Sip & Bite show.

The menu offers 6 sections. The first is Steamers & Starters and is packed with stuff that looks pretty good. Goodies include steamed crabs, shrimp, littlenecks, oysters, snow crab, scallops and mussels, along with buffalo wings, potato skins and the like. I am tempted by the fried oyster sandwich and something called Bubba's Fish Nuggets. With a name like Bubba's, it's got to be good. Raw Bar is section #2 and offers market prices on clams and oysters. I have had the stuffed jalapenos (see the photo in the gallery) and they are quite good. None of this frozen portion control stuff – they make them in house.

Entrees include 13 choices that include crab cakes, fried flounder, scallops and all the standard marine-going goodies. Landlubbers will like the hot dog (it's a foot long!) and the chicken sandwich. The Salad department is populated with 2 fresh salad selections (you can add chicken to them too) and 4 sides that include potato salad, macaroni salad, slaw and mac ‘n' cheese. So far was have had the fried flounder and the crab cakes. I'm pretty picky about crab cakes, and these are quite good. No mayo, and about 99% crabmeat.

Lynn Parks' Cream of Crab soup leads off the Soups list, but Don weighs in with his chili also. I've had it twice so far, and I like it very much. Spice wimps, beware: This chili has a spicy personality! Be warned. Hot weather has brought about a menu change: the chili is off temporarily, but has been replaced with a very good broccoli cheese soup. Quite good and very cheezy! Desserts and beverages round out the menu.

We've been back to Beaches several times, and each time, things are smoother. And they have added some new goodies to the menu, too. We like the cute stuffed nachos – lots of nacho flavor without the mess. Sort of a nacho empanada, if you will. Don and I share a love for the wings at Smitty McGee's in Fenwick, so he knew exactly what I meant when I said “crispy.” And crispy they were. I like how the wings are surrounded by hot sauce that you can use to dip – so they stay crispy down to the very last bite. Check out the fried oyster sandwich in the gallery. They shuck 'em and bread 'em right there. I top it with slaw and a polite douse of hot sauce.

Check out the new photos in the gallery.

Beaches Seafood Market and Restaurant is located at 18226 Coastal Highway in Lewes, slightly north of Matt's Fish Camp and next door to B&B Music. See more at their website. Or give 'em a call at 302-644-9329

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domestics = American-made beers (e.g., Bud).
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18226 Coastal Highway, Lewes


Hours & specials at Beaches change like the tides. Call to verify both!
Hours & specials at Beaches change like the tides. Call to verify both!
Hours & specials at Beaches change like the tides. Call to verify both!
Hours & specials at Beaches change like the tides. Call to verify both!
Hours & specials at Beaches change like the tides. Call to verify both!
Hours & specials at Beaches change like the tides. Call to verify both!
Hours & specials at Beaches change like the tides. Call to verify both!
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  1. Avatar Linda Hyle says:

    Wonderful place run by wonderful people, Don and Lori. We have eaten there and bought seafood to cook at home. Did not find it too noisy.

  2. Avatar SJM says:

    Way too noisy!
    We might come back & eat outside but no way could we enjoy a meal inside

  3. Avatar Anne Pikolas says:

    4 of us went for the first time Saturday night. The dining room is very small and very noisy. We got there at 6 and didn’t get our food until after 7. One had crab cakes, one had scallops and they were good. I had the cream of crab soup, not very hot and very thick, was tasty though. Potato skins were not good. The food was not spectacular enough to wait over an hour. If they have problems on a Saturday night in February they are going to have major problems in the summer.

  4. Avatar Nancy says:

    Crab cakes are delicious. My husband loves getting the flounder you actually get a whole fillet not like some restaurants that gives you just a portion of the fillet. I like the fries, never had an issue with getting the condiments I request. Great steam crabs, if you get the large that is what you get, no light ones in the dozen. The crabby eggs are tasty as well, ordered a dozen for Thanksgiving and Christmas they were a hit. I do wish they had more vege options I always get the side salad instead of the cole slaw.

  5. Avatar Nancy says:

    I had hopes for this place. We went for happy hour on a Sunday. We were the only ones there. I ordered the house wine at 1 dollar off and the cream of crab soup. The wine was some cheap stuff that I couldn’t finish and the cream of crab soup was so thick and tasted like flour paste with old bay. Will not be returning.

  6. Avatar Danny C says:

    Had oysters. There were pieces of broken shell all in them almost chipped my teeth. Waaaaaaay over priced for everything. Serve fries but won’t give u ketchup which is weird. Server Paula was wonderful though. Didn’t appreciate the owner I over heard talking very down to the females working. Miss the old owners 🙁

  7. Avatar Laurie says:

    Well, I was really hoping Beaches was going to be great! We used to go to Jimmy Lynn’s often because we are within walking distance – and loved to get their steamed clams. My husband picked up some crab soup which was way over priced and had no taste. Maybe an ingredient was left out by mistake?? Checked the prices of their steamed clams and they were more than double what Jimmy Lynn’s was. Only one person running the cash register, phone and waiting tables. Several customers were complaining not only about the service but also about the food. Take a tip from Geyer’s failure – their prices were also WAY TOO HIGH. If your prices are fair and the food is good, you have great success! I hope to try out happy hour soon but my husband said he won’t bother. Sorry guys, wish this review could have been better. Was really looking forward to a cute place to grab a glass of wine and bite all within walking distance.

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