Harbour OPEN

/ Updated on September 30, 2020

The former owners of Palate Restaurant and Catering (in the Safeway center in Rehoboth) have moved operations to Lewes to take over the former location of Gilligan's restaurant on the canal at 134 W. Market St.

It is quite appropriately named Harbour. As if that were not enough good news, Rob Bagley (bartender extraordinaire) is behind the bar, and the terminally delightful Nikki Fisher is on the door. If you're lucky, The Papps friendly son Tavish might wait on you and/or deliver your order to your table. It's nice to see so many familiar faces.

Of course, Gary Papp is the kitchen boss. Not his first rodeo by any means. We attended the media party and I got some pretty good pics of the food. Scroll through the gallery. Once they are open I'll post more detail.

Take a look at the opening menu HERE.

Gary and Lorraine Papp were the original opening chefs of the long-gone Buttery restaurant. Reservations at Harbour may be had at 302-200-9522.

Check out their website HERE.

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