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Half Full

/ Updated on July 22, 2017

Half Full is the most recent brainchild of Matt and Ali DiSabatino, Ian and Joanna Crandall. The Crandalls are also associated with Kindle in downtown Lewes, and Matt and Ali own Striper Bites, also in Lewes. Half Full moved to a brand new location next door to Kindle in mid-summer 2015 and the place is packed every night. (As an aside, and as even more good news, Patty's Carryout opened her Lewes satellite location into the spot vacated by Half Full. You won't get better egg salad, chicken salad — or oatmeal raisin cookies anywhere.) Ok, back to business:

You go to Half Full for the pizza–which works out just fine, since that's pretty much all they serve. The new location has brought a selection of salads and several delicious soups. You can also order wine (they pour it for you right there), a cold beer and some taste house-made desserts. The new location is certainly roomier than the first, and there is a center row of tables, along with 4-tops along the wall (reminiscent to the old spot). It's quite fun and refreshingly informal.

Half Full's rectangular pizzas are 8X12 and served on a wooden plank. The cheese is outstanding. It's flavorful and melts perfectly. I like mozzarella (mmm – could be a mix of cheeses) that cools to a slightly firm al dente “bite,” but still retains its smooth texture and creamy flavor. The whole-milk mozzarella at Half Full satisfies all those needs.

The menu lists 11 “stock” selections, plus you can mix and match toppings and sauces to your heart's delight. The menu selections apparently change from time to time, but that being said, do try the Fennel Italian Sausage (I add pepperoni), the Olive and Anchovy (yup, add “pepp” to that one too). Don't like anchovies on pizza? OK, then: Try the Gouda Chicken (with mushrooms). I do have to tell you that on our last couple of visits there was very little chicken on this pie (we counted 4-5 small cubes). I wouldn't even mention it if it hadn't happened twice, so you might ask for enough chicken so that there's at least 1 on each slice.

UPDATE! It's spring, 2016 and we have been back to Half Full several times. I still love the sopressata pizza (I add Italian sausage and mushrooms). I am really beginning to like the “order everything at the counter” paradigm. No waiting for your server, and when you're ready to go, you pack up your kit bag, pay the tab and head off into the gloaming. DO NOT MISS the pecan pie bar and the red velvet cupcakes. They're even better if you take them home to be consumed after the sopressata-induced hallucinations have settled down.

I always appreciate it when visitors tell me that they order my suggestions (i.e., don't miss the sopressata pie!). But I urge you to try the others pizzas too. On our last visit, accompanying diners (aspiring Foodies-in-Waiting) ordered the Artichoke Goat Cheese pie (with roasted red peppers) and the Crab and Sweet Corn pizza (an unusual combination that was very easy to get used to). More recently we conspired to add bacon (pre-cooked, of course) and ‘shrooms to that Artichoke pie. Goodness gracious me.

You might consider ordering your pizzas “well done.” The crust starts out delicious, and gets even better with a bit of crunch around the edges. That great mozzarella also responds well to a few extra minutes in the oven. And (I will repeat) get the hot sopressata as one of your toppings. Trust your Foodie. He wants you to be happy.

Half Full is at 125 Second St., at the corner of Bank and Second, adjacent to Kindle.

It's been a few years (and a big move for Half Full) since the original review was written, and the service is smooth, and the pizzas are just as good if not better. You will enjoy festive and colorful atmosphere. My conclusion: Half Full is not to be missed!

Half Full is open 4-10 every day, and doesn't close 'til 11 on weekends. Call (302) 645-8877. This is a fun, very informal little spot that serves up a satisfying and consistent product. Click here for the pizza menu at Half Full. (D.) Price range: Moderate.

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Listen to owners Matt and Ian talk about Half Full in the future tense on Sip & Bite with the Rehoboth Foodie!

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125 Second St.
in Lewes
(302) 645-8877

Open 4 - 8
Open 4 - 8
Open 4 - 8
Open 4 - 8
Open 4 - 8
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  1. Avatar Doug Parham says:

    I just drove 25 miles in a pounding rainstorm to have pizza at Half Full in Lewes an it was worth it. All fresh ingredients and I watched the pie come out of the oven and carried right to my table so hot you couldn’t touch it. This was perhaps the best peperroni I have ever had. Price was reasonable- $11 and a carryhome box of three slices. Service was very responsive. I’ll be back.

  2. Avatar Tre says:

    If, like me, you enjoy white pizza and are a goat cheese connoisseur, you will absolutely love the Midnight Moon pizza. I ordered this last week, and each pizza slice included a healthy slice of Midnight Moon, a firm cheese with a really nice buttery taste. Half Full is one of our can’t-miss places. The only complaint I have is that the bar stools can occasionally be tricky to climb up onto (especially if you’re a klutz like me).

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