Krispy Kreme

/ Updated on May 31, 2014

krispy_kreme_copyIt all started in 1933 in Nashville Tennessee, when Vernon Rudolph dipped the first warm and puffy little orb into white-as-snow, sugary icing. Now, they roll off the line by the millions, and have become one of the major food groups.

Any true foodie who denies every having enjoyed a hot-off-the-line, cloud-like Krispy Kreme doughnut is lying. And what better place than Sin City to guiltlessly enjoy that yeasty decadence? (Actually, the iced Sour Cream and iced Devil's Food cake-style doughnuts are also quite good. And they last a lot longer than the raised versions, which turn into hockey pucks if not consumed immediately. That's why you never buy the raised versions in the box in your grocery store. What were they thinking!?!?!)

The Foodie likes to prepare for the experience at Starbuck's just off the main casino floor at Mandalay Bay (Iced Venti Non-Fat Quad Latte, please…). Languidly sipping the uber-caffeinated elixir, I stroll through the Shoppes at Mandalay Place, the underground passage connecting Mandalay Bay with the Luxor. Upon entering the massive pyramid, the next official act is to proceed directly to Liquidity, a great bar located right in the middle of the Luxor Casino floor. (People-watching from the big, cushy club chairs is not optional.) Any inhibitions that might have been stirred up by the caffeine will now be calmed by the alcohol. (It IS Las Vegas, after all.)

Carefully maintaining that delicate balance of upper and downer, one leaves Liquidity and proceeds up the stairs to the monorail that connects the Luxor with Excalibur. After debarking the little train, you are herded through the Village Food Court on the way to the casino. It is there where you will encounter the Krispy Kreme. If the stars are aligned correctly, doughnuts will be hot and fresh, coming off the bright stainless steel line (i.e., “The HOT light is ON“).

If you like the raised/iced version (the original “Krispy Kreme”), consume one, or maybe even two, right there. They must be eaten hot. If you feel you need something “to go” (in the event of an unanticipated pastry emergency), get the cake versions described above. They'll be just as good right before you go to bed–even if that's 9:00 the next morning. Either way, you won't need to eat dinner for a while.

(B., L., D., Late night) Click here to see what else is in the Food Court (nothing to write home about). Price range: Inexpensive -.

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