/ Updated on June 8, 2014

Regular visitors know that The Foodie is a fan of the burgers and dogs at 5 Guys. But there's a (primarily) West-Coast chain of burger joints that are easily equal to 5 Guys, and, on a few small points, maybe even better. Fatburger dubs itself “The Last Great Hamburger Stand,” and, other than 5 Guys (and perhaps, arguably, In & Out Burger–another article) that may very well be true. Both Fatburger and 5 Guys grill fresh, never frozen burgers on very hot grills. At both, you order from a counter, then sit down and behave yourself until they call your name or number. Five Guys has a bigger selection of toppings, but you can't get a fried egg, onion rings or chili on top like you can at Fatburger.

Fatburger covers the sizzling patty with a cloche (a domed cover) during the last stages of cooking, sealing in the juices. The roll is also under there, which makes it steamy and soft. If anything makes their patties a little bit better than 5 Guys, that's it. By the way, 5 Guys' fries are better, but Fatburger has those crispy, crunchy onion rings. So if you're in Vegas and you need an excellent burger anytime, 24/7, Fatburger is the place to go.

There are several locations in Las Vegas, but The Foodie's favorite is the one at 3763 Las Vegas Boulevard, next to the Walgreens that's next to the MGM Grand, directly across from City Center. If you feel the need to call them, call (702) 736-4733. Click here for a look at their menu. (24/7, no liquor) Price range: Inexpensive -.

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