In-N-Out Burger

/ Updated on May 31, 2014

In-N-Out_burgerandfriesRegular visitors to know that I'm not shy writing about fast-food places. I always justify it with something silly like “Well, y'gotta eat!” But if you define fast-food as something that was cooked thirty-five minutes ago and is slowly congealing under the infrared lights, then In-N-Out Burger is NOT fast-food: The brightly colored signs and the drive-through might throw you off at first, but everything is made to order at In-N-Out Burger. Everything. The Snyder family opened In-N-Out Burger in 1948 (Harry's idea of ordering from your car via intercom was considered groundbreaking at the time) and have always taken a lot of pride in providing high-quality ingredients. All locations are O&Os (i.e., no franchises). There are no microwaves and no freezers. The long, long lines at the Las Vegas location (and these are not tourists—they are mostly locals) suggest that these people know something we don't.

It's burgers, shakes and fries. Period. And they are as good as they can be. They even have a “not-so-secret” adjunct menu (you have to ask) that lets you double-up (or triple-up or even quadruple-up) on the meat. They even make a small concession to the Food Police with a burger wrapped in lettuce. (What a mess THAT must be!)

My favorite location is at 4888 Dean Martin Drive, a block west of The Strip on Tropicana, right smack where the Interstate crosses Tropicana. You won't be sorry. Click here to see their very basic menu. (L., D.) Price range: Inexpensive -.

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