Titanic Pizzeria OPEN

/ Updated on February 12, 2020

Titanic Pizzeria is up and running at 16388 Samuel Paynter Blvd. in Milton – right next door to the new Good Morning Breakfast Nook. The Turkish owners are no strangers to the restaurant biz, having worked at other restaurants and carryouts in Delaware.

Take a look at their menu HERE.

In addition to pizza, there are wings, sandwiches and, of course, cheesesteaks.

Give them a call to verify their hours!  302-664-2633.

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  1. Avatar Judy Brown says:

    Will not order from there again.

  2. Avatar ROBERT HOUCK says:

    After two visits to the restaurant we’ve become fans of Titanic Pizzeria for it’s good food, friendly staff and convenient location. Paynter’s Mill offers plenty of free parking and easy accessibility to its row of retail and two (so far) eating spaces. We wanted a quick, light meal on a Saturday evening and Titanic fit the bill. Their garden salad is huge and was filled with fresh greens, cucumber and tomatoes, with a little grated cheese on the side and choice of dressings. It’s almost enough for three people to share! I ordered a cheesesteak which was piping hot with moist tender shredded beef and an ample amount of melted cheese, nestled in a super-fresh torpedo roll. My husband ordered the five spicy wings which were also served hot. They were tender and meaty. We can’t wait until their liquor license is approved and we can enjoy a cold beer or wine with our meals. On our initial visit soon after the grand opening we ordered a pizza topped with pepperoni and green peppers. It was good, but we’re not fans of thick, doughy crust and will try their flatbread pizza on a future visit. We hope Titanic will remain afloat for many years to come! With the success of the nearby Good Morning restaurant for breakfast and lunch, we’re hoping for a rebirth of good places to eat at Paynters Mill.

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