Remembering Chez la Mer

/ December 19, 2020

I got to wax nostalgic in yesterday's Gazette about one of our sadly long-gone but stellar local eateries: Chez La Mer!

Enjoy a bit of RB restaurant history by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Avatar jacq staubs says:

    Landmark !

  2. Avatar Fightingbluehen says:

    Totally remember her and the narrow steps to the upper area. Used to love the pate and the way they served it with the onions and gherkin pickles. The local bay mussels (Atlantic ribbed mussel) with a bottle of Puligny-Monttrachet was a real treat.
    My favorite though, was in later days sitting at the bar and having Noel pass a piping hot plate of sweetbreads through a little window to the bartender for me to enjoy,

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