Sodel buys Cottage Cafe

/ Updated on November 30, 2022

Brent Poffenberger and Tom Neville's iconic Bethany Beach restaurant, Cottage Cafe, has been acquired by SoDel Concepts. This will being SoDel Concepts' restaurant list to around 15 popular eateries.

Word is that they plan to change NOTHING at Cottage Cafe – why mess with success? That popular hometown spot has been feeding Bethany for just about 30 years!

Brent and Tom sent out this note: “After over 29 years of serving the great community of Bethany Beach at our beloved restaurant, we have decided, after much consideration for our team members and our guests, to sell the Cottage Cafe to the local hospitality company SoDel Concepts. We will continue to operate The Bethany Boathouse, but look forward to spending more time enjoying our families and friends. Over the coming weeks we will work side by side with SoDel Concepts Director of Operations Kris Medford to ensure a seamless transition. Kris lives in Ocean View with his family and has served as a board member of the Bethany Fenwick Chamber for many years. He has been a customer of the Cottage for over 20 years.
SoDel Concepts will continue operating Cottage Cafe without changes to our winning formula, our great menu, or our outstanding staff. We have loved our time here and the many team members we have had the privilege to work with, and will always appreciate the countless guests that have supported us over the years, many who have become friends. We hope that you will continue to support our team, and continue to enjoy The Cottage Cafe, a Bethany tradition that we are so proud to have built. Please also be sure to stop by The Bethany Boathouse to say Hi.”

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  1. Avatar joan gleckel says:

    the cottage cafe always meets expectations twith food and service

    the bethany boathouse leaves much to be desired – no comparison in either

  2. Avatar B says:

    Nice surprise! Cottage Cafe’s kitchen was always iffy, and the menu hasn’t changed very much over the years. Of course, some patrons really like the same menu year after year, but not all of us. SoDel runs good restaurants (I’ve been to nearly all of them!), and is a very good corporate citizen of Sussex County. I’m looking forward to see what may change.

  3. Avatar J Carlysle says:

    Very disappointed to hear this news. Love Cottage Cafe the way it is.

  4. Avatar Delesquare says:

    Good to see fellow Delawareans selling to other Delawareans for a change.

  5. Avatar JLynn says:

    How disappointing! Cottage Cafe has good family meals; we don’t all want “designer” food and can’t afford higher prices

  6. Avatar xraydoc says:

    Not thrilled to hear this. We were big fans of the SoDel restaurants, particularly on the southern end. Over recent years, the food quality has declined significantly and the prices have become more than I’m willing to pay. Matt Healey is rolling in his grave.

  7. Avatar Leonard Borowski says:

    Look for increasing prices on menu and beverages

  8. Avatar craig says:

    Oh no not another SODEL. Ruin a good restaurant with designer food.

  9. Avatar Rt 26 says:

    All I can say is: change the menu to coincide with a SODEL restaurant

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