Bake Shoppe Closed

/ Updated on February 14, 2018

After so many years, John and Joyce Michalek have closed their delicious Bake Shoppe on Rehoboth Avenue. John was the victim of a hit & run driver and is unable to walk for a while. We will keep you updated. We'll miss John's cookies, cakes, and Joyce's infectious laugh!

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  1. Avatar Matt Townsend says:

    Knew about the closing but didn’t know the reason behind it. So sad.

    Such a fantastic place that was owned and operated by some pretty great people. Very few places like The Bake Shoppe are left in the country and we’re poorer because of it.

  2. Avatar Kristi says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the owner of the Rehoboth Bake Shoppe; we are returning to Rehoboth Beach this summer and were looking forward to enjoying the always delicious baked goods from this bakery. I hope the family is able to reopen at some point, but until then, they will be missed 🙂

  3. Avatar Sheila says:

    It’s been years (over 5) since we’ve learned of John’s accident and your shops closing. Rehoboth is just NOT the same. Tony asks if I want to go for a few days and my answer has always been, no. You may not realize just how many people’s lives you touched, not just with your “sweets”, it’s also your genuine, sweet spirit. We love & miss you more than you’ll know. Please respond and tell us how to contact you, please ❤️

  4. Avatar Rose says:

    I am sorry to hear this and am sending prayers for your recovery. I had an accident and was in the hospital 63 days, I came home in a wheel chair and couldn’t walk for a while too. One day at a time and healing WILL COME. Sending love and hugs to you both!

  5. Avatar Eileen says:

    So sorry to hear of John’s accident! We were also looking forward to our yearly October visit to the Bake Shoppe. Sending prayers and wishing you a speedy recovery!

  6. Avatar Ray says:

    Always enjoyed their wonderful baked goods and brief chats with John and Joyce during a yearly visit from the Pittsburgh area. Best wishes to John and family.

  7. Avatar Ray says:

    Always enjoyed their wonderful baked goods and brief chats with John and Joyce on a yearly visit from the Pittsburgh area. Best wishes to John and family.

  8. Avatar Bethany says:

    This morning we anticipated tasting our favorite breakfast treats those fabulous pac-Man sweet cream pastries and all other sorts of goodies. When the pick-up crew returned with stuff that was not from our favorite bakery mourning began immediately and the stuff that was not the good stuff was inspected and tasted and now I am getting a bowl of Cheerios because it’s just not the same… Thanks for having the info Rehobothfoodie! You gave us insight into the reason Jake’s at the boardwalk was closed too. We are beach people who only get to enjoy our ocean delights once a year.

  9. Avatar Carolyn says:

    So very sorry to hear this news. This was one of the few real bakeries left around. I do hope John is healing and recovering well.

  10. Avatar Tony & Sheila says:

    One of our stops while visiting Rehoboth was stopping in to see John & Joyce . It truly won’t be the same. We’d try to “ration” our sweets…usually not making it . They have become two of our dearest friends and NOT just because of their superb talents in “The Bake Shop”. John, I pray for your healing.

  11. Avatar Donna Hoffman says:

    Knew something happened when the bakery closed down last year. So so sorry to hear of John’s accident. We were one of many customers who loved their bakery. We came down for the Bobkas …just like my grandmother use to make ( only better!). We are praying God will bless John with a complete recovery and give both him and Joyce the strength to go through this. Feel the love and prayers from so many; ,John and Joyce!

  12. Avatar David Horn says:

    Very sorry to hear this; wishing you the best for a speedy recovery.

  13. Avatar Barbara says:

    OMG how sad. My husband and I always stoppes by and got our baked goods before returning to Virginia. I pray a safe recovery for John.

  14. Avatar Sarna Marcus says:

    Oh my. Their apple cake reminded me of my childhood. I order it whenever I come here from DC. If there is any way for me to to get the recipe please let me know!!

  15. Avatar Bryan Hecksher says:

    I am so sad to hear this news. I wish John a speedy recovery. I wish the person who hit him karma N ay the community help them during this difficult time.

  16. Avatar Dean & Marie Richardson says:

    So very sorry and sad to hear the bad news. Their Bake Shoppe was the best bakery in this area. We drove up from Ocean City to buy their split cream donuts, etc.

  17. Avatar candee welty says:

    we were in town for thanksgiving and headed straight to the our surprise it was closed,,was so disappointed so we tried again for several days…still saddened to hear of johns injuries…hope they will be able to reopen…miss you

  18. Avatar Mike Hurff says:

    So sorry to hear this news. Wishing John a speedy recovery. This was one of the BEST bakeries ever! Hope they make a come back!

  19. Avatar Amanda Kilby says:

    So sorry to hear of the accident and pray for a speedy recovery. My family is so sad to hear this news! My kids loved the cookies and their creme filled donuts were the best I have ever had! Wishing them all well.

  20. Avatar Jon Rania says:

    So very sorry to hear this news! We had several very personal connections to them most notably they made us the most beautiful and delicious wedding cake! Wishing you both well and hoping that you will be able to reopen some day if possible! God bless and God speed! -Jon & Rob

  21. Avatar Chris Beckman says:

    They are good folks, so sorry to hear about John’s misfortune. Hopefully he has a full recovery and regains good health. Then if we are lucky maybe we’ll see them back in business in some form or another.

  22. Avatar Mary de Andrade says:

    SO SO sad! I knew something was wrong when the shop was closed before Thanksgiving. John and Joyce are in our thoughts. Best pies and pastries EVER…especially the Vermont Bread 🙂 Will also miss the Christmas Yule Log this year.

  23. Avatar Laurene says:

    This makes me so sad. Loved both the pastries and the people at the Bake Shoppe! Rehoboth isn’t quite the same without it.

  24. Avatar Tom Schwab says:

    John is a fantastic baker. Rehoboth will miss him. John and Joyce’s enterprise was one of the finest in Rehoboth Beach. We hope for a speedy recovery for John.

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