Sydney’s in Milton OPEN

/ Updated on August 31, 2020

Ed Waples and Anthony Lewis, along with Elton and Patricia Lewis are pleased to finally open Sydney's Restaurant & Lounge in the old Kindle space at Paynter's Mill.

CLICK HERE to read my 8/21/20 Cape Gazette column about Sydney's.

Opening chef will be none other than Johnnie Harris, formerly of Fork & Flask in Rehoboth. Sussex natives Anthony and Ed have been operating a restaurant by the same name in Arlington VA for several years. Like the old Sydney's in Rehoboth (there is no association whatsoever), they offer live music with an emphasis on jazz, and a mid-priced wallet-friendly menu centered around local cuisine with a Southern flair. Wait 'til you taste their fried chicken – I've had it already and it's VERY good!

The first to appear on the Sydney's stage was HAMMOND HOT jazz duo – the lighter side of 2nd Time Around band featuring Bing Crosby on drums.

Meet Anthony and Ed on the podcast of The Rehoboth Foodie's radio show that aired in March. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE BOSSES AT SYDNEY'S

Take a look at their Facebook page.

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