Like Crab Cakes?

/ Updated on May 14, 2021

So many kinds, so many choices! In this week's Cape Gazette column, I try to bring some order to the chaos.


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  1. Avatar Jo says:

    Is there any place in this area that does NOT put Old Bay seasoning in their crab cakes??? I am highly allergic to OBS but absolutely love crab cakes. Before living here, I often went to Cape Cod for vacas and it was not a problem up there! I am jonsing for great crab cakes that won’t land me in the ER. HELP!!

  2. Avatar ADiven says:

    I have enjoyed The Rehoboth Foodie publication for years. Thank you for the time and effort its takes to research and present. Regarding the article on Crab Cakes, I would enjoy seeing it updated this summer with a list of the shore restaurants that use local crab meat. Thank you.

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