P3 Closing in January?

/ Updated on January 14, 2021

I am particularly sad to report that the longtime locals' hangout Pickled Pig Pub might very well be closing its doors forever sometime in mid-January.

Severely reduced income due to the prolonged lockdowns and restrictions aimed squarely at restaurants and other small businesses have made it difficult for the Framptons to operate their popular, family-owned comfort food and craft beer-centric spot. As of now, the restaurant will not be renewing its lease. However, this IS the beach, and things can change. The plan now is to vacate sometime in January, but the relationship with the landlord is an amicable one, so keep and eye on RehobothFoodie.com for the latest changes and updates!

Their Pig & Publican restaurant on Savannah Road in Lewes remains open with business as usual.

Many, many memories at Pickled Pig Pub! Just another casualty. We are sad…. Let's hope something works out!

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  1. Avatar Michele says:

    Bummer. Always reliable, with good food and service. Particularly love their PB & J burger. And the Drunken Noodles. Hope they’re gonna spring anew someplace post-Covid. Rough!

  2. Avatar Nichole Davick says:

    Tragic! We love Pickle Pig Pub and frequent it often! Love the bar tenders. And, of course, the food and beer. Sad to see them go.

  3. Avatar Woody Barnett says:

    Let’s hope they can come up with a deal to stay open. In these tough times how many others are looking to rent? Always 1 of our favorite places with good food and beer and service is top notch.

  4. Avatar Kerry Baldwin says:


  5. Avatar Mark Marsden says:

    Sad all around for the industry

  6. Avatar Scott says:

    this is very sad news indeed… we just did takeout a few nites ago. Maybe they can relo it o The Pond spot? Also… your statement: ‘due to the prolonged lockdowns and restrictions aimed squarely at restaurants and other small businesses’ – you do realize we’re in a pandemic, right? I do not feel that restrictions are ‘aimed squarely’ at restaurants. It’s unfortunate, yes… that indoor dining has not been a lot better to restart – but, we are now in the middle of some very dark times – it’s about protecting people and saving lives in the process. Stay safe, Rehoboth!

  7. Avatar Tom Schwab says:

    Very sad news. Many family meals here with fond memories. Blame the politicians (especially, the governor) not the Covid virus.

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